Strategic Brand
+ Website Design 

for purpose-driven service providers & small business owners

Ready to confidently show off your consistent, cohesive brand
and website to those perfect-for-you clients?

Whether you’re an established business owner with a brand and website that has been DIY’d and duct-taped together OR you’re just getting started and have had a few unsuccessful attempts doing it yourself or hiring it out – you’re in the right place.

Here at Witt and Company, our superpower is gathering all the thoughts, ideas and inspiration for your brand and website, and creating something that is easy to understand, exciting to show off and truly representative of your vision.

Let’s ditch the inconsistent
brand+ website.

There’s a good chance you’re at a place in your business journey where you realize that the inconsistencies and lack of cohesiveness in your brand and website aren’t doing you any favors. Maybe you aren’t sure how to talk about your services or you are yet again choosing another color scheme and font for your website.

If you’re lacking certainty in the way you communicate your brand (yes, that includes your website experience!), it can negatively affect how you show up for your business and community.

Here’s the deal – I know you whole-heartedly believe in the work you do and the business you’re creating. This is why you deserve to have a brand and website that allows you to confidently show up and tell your brand story

Sue + Andy Ball

Sphera Travel

“The final brand and website totally reflects who we are.
We love it!

We wanted to work with a brand designer because we did not have the time or knowledge to try to DIY it. Throughout the process, the communication was great! You were willing to jump on a call with us anytime and we loved getting the video explanations of things. Everything looks so simple and clean.“

Strategic brand and website design.

Investment Starting at: starting at $5597
Timeline: Twelve Weeks
Platform: WordPress with Divi

Brand Clarity Builds
Confidence + Excitement.

When you’re clear on how you want your brand to be experienced, you’re able to connect with the right people so that you can build trust and authority in your industry, category or space.

When you’re confident in how your brand is experienced by that perfect-for-you client, you show up with intentionality and focus.

When you’re excited about the way your brand looks and feels, you’re more likely to put yourself out there and consistently share the work you so deeply believe in.

Business growth happens with action. So, my friends, that version of success you’re dreamin’ about? Yes, it’s possible and we want to help you get there with a kickass brand that you’re excited and confident to share!

Local Food is Essential Website Mockup | Witt and Company

What’s included (branding):

In-depth branding questionnaire
Three brand strategy calls
Brand strategy + style guide
Email support
Primary logo + logo variations
Font recommendation
Brand color palette
Custom brand pattern
Two branded collateral items

What’s included (website):

One website strategy call
Up to six custom pages
Image resizing
Basic on-page search engine optimization
Email subscriber opt-in connection
One-hour website tutorial
Seven days of post-project support

At the end of our time together,
you’ll walk away with a brand that…

Brings more clarity, ease and enjoyment for your business

Accurately reflects who you are

Supports you as you work towards your version of success

Ready to create a brand you're excited to show up for?

I'm so excited and honored that you're considering Witt and Company for your brand needs! I cannot wait to connect and learn more about you + your brand!


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