Strategic brand and website design services

A strategy-first approach to creating a consistent and cohesive brand and website that supports your business.

A collaborative approach that connects the dots between how you want your brand and website to work for you and effectively communicating it to your right audience.

Real talk.

Does your brand and website leave you in a pile of confusion and frustration rather than enjoyment and ease?

Your work matters. You know you’re on a mission to make a big impact. You believe so strongly in the work – and rightfully so!


Except you feel like your brand and website have become more of a hindrance rather than a tool to support you as your brand step’s into the role of thought leadership.

The visuals don’t feel right or aren’t functional, so you (or your team) end up spending countless hours on Canva, trying to create something that’s aligned.

Your work has a lot of moving pieces and when it’s time to write an email or share on social media, you aren’t sure what to say so end up feeling more overwhelmed than inspired.

My friend, there’s a better way.

Your brand and website don’t have to be a black hole of wasted time and endless challenges.

In fact, it’s just the opposite. When you’re clear on what you want your brand to be known for and have visuals (logo, website, collateral) that work together with that desired experience, your brand will support you in your next level of business.

→ A next level where you can talk about all the things you do with ease because you’re clear on your message.

→ A next level where your visual brand is so aligned with how you want to be perceived that it gives you confidence to show up for your business.

→ A next level where your website not only looks great but it’s strategic and functional, so you actually want to send people to it. 

Our Approach

The Brand Authority Method clarifies your plan, simplifies your message and aligns your visuals.

Our happy place is holding space for meaningful conversations with you (and your team), so that you can get crystal clear on what you want your brand to represent. The end result? A consistent, cohesive brand that embodies your desired experience.

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Clarify the strategy.

Your brand's strategy is the communication plan for your brand and business. We have four main pillars that we'll dive into - who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how you want people to feel when they experience your brand. Together these elements create a strong foundation for communicating with your right audience.

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Craft a message.

With your communication plan in place, we will then dive into your brand's message - the common thread woven into every brand touch point. This is all about creating an overarching theme that's easy for you and your team to communicate, and for your right audience to understand.

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Define the personality.

Now that you have the plan and message in place, we identify the characteristics and traits that will bring it to life. We do this by aligning your desired brand experience with a primary brand season and archetype, and then defining the details like brand voice, common words and phrases used and key terms that embody the brand.

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Align on visuals.

The last step is to bring your brand experience to life with aligned visuals - logo, typography selection, color palette and supporting collateral. Each visual brand element is created with your brand goals at the forefront, making the entire experience aligned with your brand's personality, strategy and message.

Let’s talk timeline and deliverables

timeline of four months • investment starting at $10,000

month one

Brand strategy and message workshops: These collaborative workshops will help you get clear on the four brand strategy foundation pillars – who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how it’ll be experienced – and clarify the common thread woven throughout your brand’s message.

Brand playbook: You’ll walk away with an extensive brand strategy and message guide that serves as your foundation for consistent and cohesive brand communication.

month one and two

Visual brand: You’ll receive up to three logo concepts based on the brand strategy and messaging work we completed in month one.

Deliverables: You’ll walk away with a full logo suite (main logo, submark, alternate variations), color palette, typography recommendations and two supporting brand collateral items.

month three

Website strategy workshop: We’ll dive into your website objectives and talk through the purpose of each page, making sure we optimize for appropriate user experience and business goals.

Wireframe: You’ll receive a website wireframe with a copy outline (don’t worry, we’ll take care of the copywriting) so we can ensure we’re all on the same page as we dive into the website design phase.

month three and four

Website design: You’ll first receive the home page draft, then a first draft followed by the second which will be optimized for mobile. Finally, you’ll receive the final draft, ready to go live.

Deliverables: You’ll walk away with up to a 10-page custom website built on WordPress with Divi theme, email subscriber connection, Google Analytics connection, image resizing and Facebook Pixel connection.

Available add-ons: Advanced search engine optimization, website copywriting, image sourcing

Wondering if we'd be a good fit?

→ Organization and communication are pillars of our brand process; we set timelines and stick to 'em (and we expect you to do the same)

→ That being said, we operate a life-first business, so if something comes up, let us know - we're happy to accommodate and make timeline changes

→ Collaboration is a priority; we want to hear your ideas and vision

→ Of course, we're here to offer our guidance and expertise, and will openly share our thoughts on next-right-steps

→ Don't be surprised if you hear baby babbles or dogs barking; family first is the name of the game around here and we celebrate #reallife

kind words from happy clients

Sue and Andy Ball
Sphera Travel

“The final brand and website totally reflects who we are. We love it!”

“We wanted to work with a brand designer because we did not have the time or knowledge to try to DIY it. Throughout the process, the communication was great! You were willing to jump on a call with us anytime and we loved getting the video explanations of things. Everything looks so simple and clean.”

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