Website Audit Services

Design, User Experience, Content and SEO

Wondering if your website could be performing a hell of a lot better but not sure what to change or where to start?

Say hello to the full site audit for WordPress users – we start with an in-depth interview to understand your website’s goals and end with a multi-page report, detailing our recommendations and next right steps.


We take a five-step approach to auditing and review your website’s:

01. design and content

02. Page speed

03. User Experience

04. Search Engine Optimization

05. Setup and tools

Let's talk timeline and pricing.

The website audit is $2,000, due before we begin.
Pro-tip: Sign up for our website workshop and get $500 off.

You can expect to receive the audit within two weeks of the initial website interview call.

Is there a certain website platform that we have to be on?

Yes! We only perform website audits for businesses that have websites on WordPress. Bonus points if you’re also using the Divi theme. 

How many pages do you audit?

Great question! The audit tools that we use for SEO analysis and page speed can run through and pull reports on your entire website. For design, on-page SEO and content auditing, we’ll review up to 15 pages

What about blog posts - do you review all of them?

We’ll review one or two posts for structure, layout and design recommendations, but we don’t go through each individual post manually. Again, the tools we use to crawl for SEO and page speed will check them automatically.

What if I want to hire WCO after the results come in?

Wonderful! $1500 will be applied towards your total package amount if you book a brand and website project with us within 60 days.

I just have one question, can I reach out to you directly?

No problem! Send an email to and we’ll get back to you within one business day.

Ready to get started?