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About Witt and Company

Hi, I’m Kelly! A Minnesota-native who loves helping small business owners step into their expertise and create an intentional brand strategy with meaningful visuals.

When I’m not collaborating with clients, you can find me working on a home renovation project alongside my hubby and documenting the progress on our blog, North Country Nest. I am also a dog momma to two trouble-seeking black labs and my go-to Friday night plans include getting lost in a good book with a tall glass of wine.


“Not only do I have a new look and feel to my website but the whole process of getting there helped me really hone in on my branding and think through all aspects of my business – including what I want to accomplish with it and how to get there. I had a rough idea of what I wanted but was having a hard time visualizing it. You helped me narrow down my many ideas and put all of my random, scattered thoughts together to form a cohesive look and brand better than I was even imagining! Infinitely valuable! Thanks for everything.”

Laura Schneider

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Branding Services

Your brand is how someone thinks, feels and acts in regards to your business. It’s the total experience someone has with your business.

How you influence those thoughts, feelings and actions is a combination of elements like your logo, brand messaging, client experience, graphics, brand positioning and website.

Whether you are intentional or not, every touchpoint someone has with your brand provides them with a specific perception of your business. Everything from the website content to the Facebook graphic to the Instagram picture is either adding-to or taking away-from your brand experience.

Together, we’ll craft a brand experience for your community that really showcases the great results you deliver. I know you work hard for your clients – it’s about time your brand does the same for you.



Your brand’s strategy is the practical plan for building and growing your brand. It’s the guide for communicating your brand in a clear and cohesive way. Without a strategy behind your brand, you’re shooting in the dark and risk inconsistent communication. 

I think it’s important to note that having a solid brand strategy doesn’t mean your business can’t pivot, change or evolve. 

When you invest in creating a solid brand strategy, you’re giving your brand room to grow and evolve in a more fluid manner.  

Brand Strategy
Two-Hour Intensive

The intensive is a great fit if you need some quick wins and actionable takeaways. You’ve got a fairly good idea of what your brand stands for but you need a little feedback to get you across the finish line. 

This two-hour intensive begins with my in-depth brand questionnaire to help you get what’s in your head, on paper. After you complete the form, we’ll hop on a call (or meet in person if you’re local!) and dig into what aspect of your brand has you feeling stuck.

We can talk about anything from your offering, to doing a website audit to identifying what really makes you unique in your space. The goal is to talk through what’s holding you back so that you can walk away with some clear next-steps.  


• In-depth branding questionnaire
• Two-hour brand strategy call
• Email support

Investment: $199
Timeline: 1 week

Brand Strategy
Foundational Framework

This program is a great fit if you’re consistently struggling with how to show up for your brand. In fact, you’re not even sure what you stand for or how to best communicate with your community.

Over the course of four weeks, we’ll hop on four brand strategy clarity calls to help you get clear on how you can best communicate your brand. We’ll cover the four brand strategy pillars: brand positioning, ideal client, cilent transformation and brand values.

You’ll walk away with an in-depth brand strategy guide that’ll help you clearly and consistently communicate your brand’s message.. 


• In-depth branding questionnaire
• Four one-hour brand strategy clarity calls
• Email support
• Brand strategy guide highlighting your brand’s four strategy pillars

Investment: $499
Timeline: 4 weeks

Brand Strategy
+ Design

Your brand visuals play an important role in telling your brand’s story. They can either enhance the brand experience or detract from it by being too distracting, confusing or inconsistent. 

A clean, consistent and cohesive visual brand helps you connect with your audience, share your message and build trust with your ideal clients. 

We’ll draw from the brand strategy to create visuals that align with how you want your business to be perceived and allow you to show up on a consistent and cohesve way.

The Essential
Brand Strategy
+ Design Package

The essential package is great if you’re just starting out and wanting a solid foundation to build your brand OR you are needing a quick and easy brand refresh. We’ll dive deep into the foundation of your brand strategy and create brand visuals that showcase all the amazing work you do.

First, we’ll get clear on the four brand strategy foundational pillars – brand positioning, ideal client, brand values and client transformation – so that you can clearly communicate what makes you the best choice for your ideal client.

Then, we’ll use the strategy as a guide and jump into the collaborative brand design process. It’s all about getting what’s in your head onto paper and creating a cohesive visual brand that you’re excited to share.


• Two one-hour brand strategy calls
• Logos (primary, alternatives and favicon)

• Font recommendation
• Color scheme recommendation
• Custom pattern
• One digital or print design

• Style guide
• Brand guide

Investment: $1499
Timeline: 4 weeks

The Works
Brand Strategy
+ Design Package

The works package is for you if you’ve been in business for awhile and are ready to make some big shifts and changes. You’re needing to dive deep into the strategy behind your brand and business, because something isn’t working. Or, you’re ready to enter into a new space and need a plan that sets you up for success.

We’ll first dive into the brand strategy pillars together, getting clear on each one individually. Then, it’s time to do some in-person research. I’ll connect with past clients and/or ideal clients and dig into what they’re truly looking for. We’ll use that information to craft a brand strategy that clearly identifies what makes you unique and create a plan for communicating that clearly and cohesively.

Once the strategy is nailed down, we’ll use that as a reference for creating a brand design that aligns with your ideal audience and shows off your expertise in a clean, simpe and professional way. We’ll create a cohesive visual brand that you cannot wait to share with your community. 


• Four one-hour brand strategy calls
• Market research with past clients and/or ideal clients
• Logos (primary, alternatives and favicon)

• Font recommendation
• Color scheme recommendation
• Custom pattern
• Three digital or print designs

• Style guide
• Brand strategy guide

Investment: $2499
Timeline: 8 weeks



Need somethin’ extra? No worries, check out the a la carte options for graphic add-ons, which can be included with any design package. 

• Business card design
• Digital or print e-books
• Newsletter design
• Social media templates
• Package design
• Pricing guides
• Brochure design
• Flyer design
• Postcard design
• Social media graphics
• Powerpoint presentations

I really enjoyed the process of working through the brand intensive questionnaire prior to our first meeting – it was such a useful exercise in helping me to compile all of my disparate thoughts and feelings about my brand, my customer, and my message into one neat and tidy place. To follow that up, it’s great to have the comprehensive branding packet Kelly compiled from everything I heaped into the questionnaire! I love being able to reference that for words, snippets, and bullet points that I can pull directly into my marketing without feeling like I have to make it up from scratch every time.

Angela Kittock

Moondance Coaching

Website Services

It’s worth restating: Your brand is how someone thinks, feels and acts in regards to your business.

And your website? It plays a pretty critical role in how someone perceives and experiences your brand.

Everything from the images you use to layout of each page to the call-to-action is providing someone with a specific experience. When you’re intentional about what you want that experience to be, you can showcase the great results you deliver and make it easier for people to do business with you.

I know you work hard for your clients – it’s about time your brand does the same for you.

Web Strategy

+ Design

This collaborative website design process starts with creating a strategy that tells your brand story and communicates what you do. Then, we’ll collaborate to bring your design vision to life and create a website you’re excited and proud to share! 


• Website strategy workbook
• One-hour website strategy call
• Six custom web pages
• One website graphic
• Two rounds of revisions
• Domain email creation
• One-hour website tutorial
• Basic on-page SEO
• Update DNS settings
• Seven days post-project support

Investment: starting at $2999 // Timeline: 6-8 weeks

Need somethin’ extra? No worries, check out the a la carte options for website add-ons..

• Blog post migration ($100)
• Blog post formatting ($10/post)
• Welcome email configuration ($75)
• Subscriber opt-in design + connection ($100)
• Website photo sourcing ($25 per photo)
• Google Analytics setup + connection ($75)
• Google Search Console setup + connection ($75)
• Website graphic ($75 per graphic)
• Advanced Search Engine Optimization (custom pricing)



Kelly is a rare find. Her attention to detail, clarity, kindness, and ability to take what is in your mind and make it a tangible thing is the cream of the crop. From our initial email conversation to the offboarding process, Kelly was fully invested and devoted to making my brand become a reality. Thank you!

Jessica Janakes

Wellness Within

Next Steps

Ready to build a brand you’re excited to share?!

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Click the button below to set up a free discovery call. We’ll go over your needs and answer questions. Please make sure the main decision-maker is available for this chat! 


Once you schedule your Discvery Call, you’ll be redirected to a quick intake form where you can get me up to speed on all the amazing work you’re doing.


I’ll review the questionnaire before our call and come prepared with an estimate that we can discuss on the call. Come with any and all questions – I can’t wait to get to know you and your business! 

You’re damn good at what you do.

Let’s make sure your brand tells the same story.

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