Your Brand Message Superpower:


You have so much clarity around the type of person you want to work with, so leverage that knowledge in how your brand shows up. There is power in owning your ideal client so that you can serve them to your best ability.

You’re creating the perfect space for that ideal client to be a ‘Hell Yes!’ when they come across your messaging because you are zeroed in on solving their specific problem. This helps them feel seen, heard and cared for. 

Brand Message Goal

You know the importance of getting crystal clear on an ideal client so use their language to pique their interest and drive curiosity about your brand. Show off the face that you know them so well and understand their struggles better than they do.

Brand Message Ideas

Need some ideas to get you started? No worries, I got you.

  • Call attention to their specific problems
  • Showcase past ideal clients and how you worked together
  • Share results that are unique to their industry/space/category
  • Use their language to communicate and connect