Your Brand Message Superpower:


Your brand is unique and you know it. So, why not own it and leverage that uniqueness to your advantage? Being in a saturated market? That doesn’t stop you – you just use it as fuel to be even more different. 

You have an innate ability to focus in on what makes your brand stand apart from the crowd. Once you step into this, it’ll give your ideal client an opportunity to bond with what makes your brand special AND empower them to do the same!

Brand Message Goal

Your focused on how your brand can stand apart from the crowd, so share that with your community. When you see others in your market taking path A, you take path B. Showcase those differences to create a stronger brand!

Brand Message Ideas

Need some ideas to get you started? No worries, I got you.

  • Make a list of how you’re different from the ‘traditional’ path and create a piece of content for each difference
  • Ask your community what difference they have that they’re celebrating
  • Understand your number one differentiator and highlight that on your website, in your emails and on your social media channels