White Pine Creative Co.

Project // Brand Design

The ladies at White Pine provide a personalized visual design experience for weddings, with a focus on floral design. They love being able to pull from their creative backgrounds and appreciation for good design to bring a client’s vision to life. What keeps them inspired is having the opportunity to be a part of their client’s big event.

Primary seasonal brand: White Pine most identifies with the summer personality. Think high quality, elegant and intuitive. They’re well organized, efficient and very productive. They do their best work in environments with structure and order. They’re sensitive, supportive and have a strong sense of responsibility. Colors are delicate and muted or faded. Textures are high quality papers and fabrics.

Secondary seasonal brand: To further highlight the organic and natural elements of White Pine, the secondary seasonal personality is fall. Think authenticity and integrity with a focus on friends and family. In addition, they love to challenge established norms. From a visual perspective, think warm, muted colors, rounded corners, natural and organic textures, and informal illustrations.

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