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Project details

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand design
  • Brand pattern
  • Brand icons
Unleash Pet Photography provides pet photography services and printed wall products via in-person private sessions and events.

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Primary Logo

unleash pet photography primary logo
unleash pet photography primary logo

Color Palette

unleash pet photography color palette

Getting started with branding

Beth was an experienced photographer and had an established client base. Except her brand didn’t feel right. In her words, “Something is missing, not cohesive.”

She originally reached out because she wanted to give her current logo a little refresh and really dig into her brand strategy. She had a mobile studio as well as a very successful Catch a Treat fundraising event, and wanted to figure out how they all worked together into something cohesive.

Brand strategy and design

Going into our strategy session, Beth had a pretty clear idea of who she was a great fit for. Given that clarity, our focus for the session was all about clarifying and really stepping into her key differentiators – her mobile studio and her promise of capturing the natural personality of the client’s pet.

After talking through the specifics of communicating what makes her unique, she then mentioned the idea of changing her business name. Because selling is a goal, she wanted to step away from having a business centered around her and more into a business framework that is about the experience, rather than working directly with Beth.

If I remember correctly, we decided on that call that a name change would be the most beneficial. That switch then altered the path of our conversation around visuals.

Originally, Beth just wanted a little refresh on her current logo. What we ended up doing was giving her that option but also then adding in two other concepts that were completely different, aligning more with her fall brand season – warm, welcoming and knowledgeable. 

The result was a vintage-style brand identity with a little playfulness thrown in. I created a cat and dog character that aligned well with the vintage-style trailer logomark.

Brand values: Bring joy • Help others • Eco-friendly

Brand voice + communication style: Helpful, warm and educational with a sense of leadership and authority.

Eyetography Style Guide

Alternate Logo

unleash pet photography alternate logo


unleash pet photography brandmark

Catch a Treat Fundraiser Logo

Eyetography simplified logo variation

Brand Icons

custom brand icons for unleash pet photography

Brand Pattern

unleash pet photography custom brand pattern

kind words from happy clients

Beth Alexander
Unleash Pet Photography

Gaining a clear definition of what my brand is about is exactly what I was looking for and exactly what I got!

“Working with Witt and Company was a beautiful experience. I was able to gain a clear definition of what my brand is about and a clear visual template of how everything should look design-wise. I use all my beautiful designs across my social media platforms from social media posts to my website to client forms and business cards. This experience truly fit like a glove for my business.”