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The Suite Pea supports new moms as they prepare for their new child by creating a space that will help them be more confident and feel more calm as they prepare for their new addition.

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kind words from happy clients

Chanel Horowitz
The Suite Pea

“I now have a powerful tool to direct clients to, or where clients can discover my business.”

“She took the time to thoughtfully think through the services I was offering, and helped brainstorm ideas for how to improve them. She also helps her clients dig deeper so that they can speak more authentically to their target audience, which is so important when trying to build client’s trust. She is extremely organized, responsive and a pleasure to collaborate with. I would highly recommend her!”

Getting started with branding

Chanel reached out because she was starting a new interior design business and wanted support with the branding, package/offer structure and website design. She always dreamed of owning her own business and after having twins the year prior, she realized how much support she could offer new moms while leaning into her strengths. 

Primary Logo

Color Palette

Brand strategy and design

Since Chanel was starting from square one, painting the picture of her ideal client profile was done more from a place of assumptions and nice-to-haves rather than pulling from past clients. The result was a pregnant momma who wanted to create a sanctuary that she’ll be able to enjoy with her baby/babies.

Next was defining what she offered. This idea of ‘concierge’ kept coming up and when I asked her about it, she said, “I don’t want to mislead anyone in saying concierge but to me it’s more of the priority of providing excellent service and being very tasteful; like a high-end hotel experience.”

What The Suite Pea does differently:  Chanel’s goal isn’t just to design a beautiful space that the family can enjoy. But also be a trusted resource and person of support for the new parent, throughout the project, and beyond. 

Brand values: Client happiness is the number one priority • Listening is as important as offering new ideas • External order helps create internal order • No Guessing Games; We want to be straightforward, proactive and honest in our communication • Small gestures of kindness help foster lasting relationships

After our initial brand strategy call, it was so clear that The Suite Pea aligned with the summer brand season and spring came in as a second.

The overall aesthetic was a nice balance of elegant and playful. We went with a delicate serif font for the main logo and a sweet, soft sans serif for the tagline. Chanel also wanted to incorporate a french style building as a play on ‘suite’ so we created a custom brand mark and a set of icons for her packages.

Alternate Logo

Brand Mark


Brand Pattern

Sphera Travel Home Page Website Design with Divi Theme

Website strategy and design

The website is really where the playful spring personality came through. Chanel wanted to incorporate pattern swatches throughout to add a little personality so we used them as dividers and accents. 

She was also drawn to large typography so we really played with the size of the text to add visual interest and impact. 

The primary function of her site is to provide information about working with her as well as have clients book a discovery call. So, we included various calls-to-action throughout each page, keeping that goal in mind.