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The Divine Group is a Minneapolis-based brand studio that brings together brand images with brand messaging so businesses can make a bigger impact. They believe businesses can have more impact when their brand images and message is strong, clear and cohesive.

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Getting started with branding

Angela reached out because she had a new business idea and needed help bringing it all together into a cohesive brand.

Because we had partnered together on multiple projects in the past, I knew this was going to be a fun endeavor. She is an amazing brand photographer and I couldn’t wait to help her bring The Divine Group to life.


Brand strategy and design

Angela was very clear on what she wanted the overarching brand to be about but was struggling with how to put all the ideas into a cohesive and concise message. After working through her brand strategy workbook, it became clear that her vision was to marry the brand messaging with the brand visuals – that having one without the other doesn’t leave businesses with as much of an ability to make the impact they’re after.

The other important factor in her brand strategy was who she wanted to work with – businesses that wanted to do good in the world. It is important to her and her brand that she support small businesses that genuinely want to leave a positive impact in their community. Whether that’s health and wellness professionals, social enterprises or those that have a charity arm to their business model.

Brand Values: Communication, Collaboration, Serving Others, Balance of Work vs Play, Loyalty

For the design and overall aesthetic, Angela wanted to keep a similar color palette to her current wedding and brand photography business – she was in love with what she had there and wanted to make sure the two brands blended well together visually.

Because of this, I also wanted the logos to have some cohesivity with Angela Divine Photography so I incorporated a spiritual element with the starburst. It aligns well with the business name ‘Divine’ but also incorporates Angela’s woo-woo side 🙂

From a Brand Season perspective, the primary was Spring and the secondary was Fall. She wanted her quirky, creative and friendly personality to take the forefront but also wanted to focus on making an impact and educating her community and clients.

The Divine Group Style Guide | Witt and Company
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Angela Knox

The Divine Group

“Your ability to put things together from a design and messaging perspective is truly amazing!

Kelly is fantastic at what she does! I’m so pleased with my website and design – she made it easy, fun and was there to cheer me on every step! Working with her was the best decision I made for my brand!”

Web strategy and design

The primary function of her website is to showcase the work that The Divine Group is capable of doing and book consultation calls.

Because she is a brand photographer, there was no shortage of beautiful images to choose from – and just goes to reiterate the importance visuals play in creating a cohesive and wow-worthy website. On that note, her photography style is really about capturing the true essence of the brand and we were intentional about sharing photos of people and business owners looking as natural as possible.

To add some fun bursts of personality, we played around with colored heading text and using the starbursts as dividers and accent graphcis. These two elements play well against the white space and don’t detract from her beautiful imagery.

Without getting too gushy – I absolutely adore Angela and could not be more excited for her and this new brand agency. It was an honor to work on and help her bring to life. If you’re local to the Minneapolis/St.Paul area and looking for a brand agency that offers photography, branding, social media, videography and so much more, The Divine Group is your go-to!

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