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Sphera Travel is a full-service travel agency that believes meaningful travel happens together. They want to bring people together in new places and use their 25+ years of industry knowledge and expertise to create authentic, meaningful group travel experiences.

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Sue + Andy Ball

Sphera travel

“The final brand and website totally reflects who we are.
We love it!

We wanted to work with a brand designer because we did not have the time or knowledge to try to DIY it. Throughout the process, the communication was great! You were willing to jump on a call with us anytime and we loved getting the video explanations of things. The final brand and website totally reflects who we are. We love it! Everything looks so simple and clean.”

Getting started with branding

Andy and Sue Ball of Sphera Travel reached out because they were starting a new business and after attempting to develop their logo, realized there was way more that went into creating a brand.

While Sue had been in the travel industry for many years, she was finally taking the leap and starting her own agency with her husband, Andy. They wanted to create a brand and website that reflected their love of travel but also positioned them as experts in their space.

Brand strategy and design

They had their business name and tagline, but the key was really honing in on what made them unique and communicating that effectively. After working through the brand book and hopping on our brand strategy call, it was so clear how passionate they were about bringing people together through meaningful travel. Honing in on group travel experiences allowed them to differentiate from other agencies and showcase their expertise – bringing others together in new places.

They value high quality service, honesty, relationships, ease and comfort, so we aligned with Summer as the primary brand season and Fall as the secondary.

Brand values: Honesty, Comfort, Ease, Relationship Building and Personal Service

From a visual perspective, Andy and Sue didn’t want to look like all the other travel agencies. I had strict orders to stay away from anything that resembled a plane or globe. Because they aligned most with the Summer season, I went for a clean and luxurious sans serif font with some elegant hand drawn flowers. To balance the elegant font and to bring in some feeling of the Fall personality, I added an abstract background to the half-circle.

For the colors, I wanted something soft, yet still have a little personality. Because Sue really liked the natural elements and feeling, I brought in a soft green and blue. To add some contrast, I added a fun orange that ended up being a great way to highlight their tagline and call attention to certain elements on their website.

Web strategy and design

The primary function of the website is to have visitors schedule a consultation call. In addition, we wanted to provide a high level view of the types of services they offer, with the focus being on various group travel options.

Because their brand message is centered around traveling with others, all the images include at least two people and the offerings solidify this message.

To bring in their personality and create a stronger connection with their audience, Sue and Andy hired a local brand photographer to take photos (which turned out ah-mazing!) – they were sprinkled throughout the site and really add a nice personal touch!

To carry the hand drawn and abstract shape elements from the logo into the site, I created custom service icons as well as custom process icons. I also added a patterned background, made from the flowers in their logo mark.
This project was an absolute joy to work on! It’s always fun when I get the opportunity to help bring someone’s dream to life. And, if you ever need to book a group travel vacation, check out Sphera Travel! They truly believe in the power of meaningful travel and will give you a top notch experience you won’t ever forget!

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