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MOD Interiors creates modern, classic and well-functioning spaces for busy and overwhelmed professionals. They believe a well-designed space makes life easier and can continuously bring joy to the people who live in them.

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Mod Interiors Color Scheme | Witt and Company
Mod Interiors Custom Brand Design | Witt and Company
Mod Interiors Color Scheme | Witt and Company

Getting started with branding

Farrha reached out for help on her brand strategy and design because it had been about ten years since she had done any updates to her branding. She had already found a website designer and needed someone to help pull the brand together for the new website.

She also was struggling with honing in on and clearly articulating her brand to the her ideal client. She has such a unique perspective on design and really prides herself on having a function-first approach but wasn’t sure how to communicate that philosophy to her audience.

Mod Interiors Custom Brand Pattern Design | Witt and Company

Brand strategy and design

After going through her brand’s foundation (who, why, how and what), the overarching message and direction for ModInteriors came together: modern, functional design.

What makes ModInteriors so unique is Farrha’s ability to not only design a beautiful space but do so with a focus on how the space will function. It’s so important to her that the client’s life become easier because of her work, so we wanted a big focus on function.

Brand Values: Functional Details, High Quality, Integrity, Classically Modern

For her brand’s personality, she wanted a blend of fun, energetic, warm and approachable while still feeling modernly classic and luxurious.

To really encompass this idea of classic yet modern, I wanted a clean, simple logo that utilized a modern sans serif font. We added a small dot on the logo mark to bring in some modern detail. And to finish it off, the tagline really embodies her overarching brand message.

From a Brand Season perspective, ModInteriors is primarily a Winter Brand with the secondary of Spring. The clean lines, modern font and darker colors add to the minimal, modern Winter feeling. The script font and herringbone pattern bring a touch of fun creativity that you’d find with the Spring Season.

Mod Interiors Custom Brand Design | Witt and Company
Mod Interiors Custom Brand Design | Witt and Company
Mod Interiors Logo Design | Witt and Company
Mod Interiors Custom Brand Design | Witt and Company

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