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Lane Change Media provides skillful, inspired content writing and strategy for mission-driven business owners.

kind words from happy clients

Erin Martell
Lane Change Media

“I feel more confident about my knowledge of my own business.”

“My favorite aspect of working together was the process of exploring the business with a guide (Kelly!) and then of course, the outcome. Prior to our work, I had a business that was supporting me but wasn’t in a position to grow. Now, the goal is much more concrete and we’re definitely heading in a much better direction. Working with Kelly was a great experience. Highly recommend to anyone looking for branding, strategy or website design!”

Getting started with branding

Erin reached out because she felt like her business was directionless. Yes, she was getting a steady stream of clients in the door but they weren’t her ideal clients and the work wasn’t lighting her up. The phrase ‘fall in love with her business again’ kept coming up for me as we chatted on her initial discovery call. While she had been in business for a few years, she hadn’t taken the time to really work on her business. She was, in her words, ‘at a standstill and just getting by’.

Primary Logo

lane change media primary logo in purple
lane change media primary logo in white and green

Color Palette

lane change media color palette

Brand strategy and design process

Erin had the most clarity around what her packages were so our brand strategy call centered on who she wanted to serve and why it mattered. Since she was looking to bring some inspiration back into her business, we really focused on how to get her back into a space of knowing and loving her business.

What Lane Change does differently: What makes LCM unique is their ability to provide thought-provoking content that’s aligned with Google’s best-practices and is truly representative of the company’s brand personality.

Brand values: Dependability • Connection • Commitment • Excellence • Fairness

Brand personality: Upbeat, cheerful, silly, well taken care of, professional

From a brand season perspective, Lane Change most aligned with the spring brand followed by summer as the secondary season. 

It was important to Erin to bring in a script font for a portion of the logo so we played around with several options until finally finding ‘the one’ that embodied flow and movement without being too formal. 

We balanced out the script font with a more structured, yet playful, serif font and added in some waves to the text to bring in that feeling of movement and playfulness. 

She knew right away that she wanted to incorporate purple into the brand and also liked the tone-on-tone aesthetic. To bring a visual representation of her work, we created a pen nib logomark and then a set of custom icons that also help tell the story of the type of work that Erin and her team can support business owners with.

lane change media style guide

Alternate Logo

lane change media alternate logo
lane change media alternate logo

Brand Mark

lane change media brandmark


lane change media submark
lane change media website screenshots

Website strategy and design process

The first words out of Erin’s mouth on our website strategy call were, “Simple. Simple. Simple.”

As a service provider, the main goal of her site was to have someone book a consultation call. We intentionally created the layout to align with this goal and have CTA’s set up throughout each page. 

We added bubble section dividers and animated flip cards to play up her brand’s playful attitude but didn’t overload the page with text in order to keep things simple and straight to the point.

We also incorporated her brand pattern as a background on a few different pages to bring in subtle personality without it feeling too overwhelming.

Brand Pattern

Brand Icons

lane change media custom business icons