Brand Strategy + Design for Kelly Flynn, Marketing Strategist

Kelly Flynn helps small business owners create a simple marketing strategy that’s fun to implement and delivers results.

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Getting Started with Branding

Kelly reached out for brand strategy and design because her business had taken a pivot since we last worked together.

For her original brand identity, she was focusing on the wellness space and wanted the brand design to reflect that. For her new direction, she wanted a more polished and classy feeling.

Brand Strategy + Design

Kelly’s original business name was Curation Consulting, so the first major change was the name. She wanted to pivot more into the personal brand space and position herself as the expert, versus having a non-identifier business name. 

Brand Values: Integrity, Professionalism, Community, Communication, Innovation

What makes Kelly unique is that she doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all strategy when working with clients. In addition, she has a traditional 9-to-5 jove that she loves, so she’s able to help ease the transition for clients who are transitioning into entrepreneurship. 

From a visual perspective, she really wanted to bring in her personality and focus on professionalism. 

Based on her Pinterest board and brand values, we aligned her brand most with the Winter Brand Season. Straight lines with an art deco style maintained that clean, minimal look while still adding a punch of personality. 

For the colors, we wanted something masculine, yet with a touch of feminine. Because she loves green and wears it all the time, choosing that as the primary brand color was a no-brainer. 

To pull in more of the minimal style associated with the Winter Season, I kept the font recommendations very simple and clean with an all-sans serif selection. 

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