Brand + Website Design for Elite Mental Performance, High Performance Coach

Elite Mental Performance works with high- performing individuals and teams to help them reach the next level of their life. The core focus is identifying the client’s true sense of purpose and helping them create a deeper connection with themselves and their higher power.

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Kelly Grignon

Elite Mental Performance


The step-by-step process that Kelly took me through made sure to cover everything that I needed to get clear on so that she could create a final product that was exactly what my business NEEDED not just what I thought I wanted. It pushed me to answer things in-depth and get clear within myself about what I do, who I do it with and what my purpose truly is.”

Getting Started with Branding

I connected with Kelly at a retreat we both spoke at and got to experience her work firsthand – she is incredibly talented and her abilities as a mindset coach blows my mind. 

Shortly after the retreat, she reached out because she felt like her brand and website for EMP was piece-mealed together and not clearly representing the work she did or her message. 

High Performance Coach Logo Design | Witt and Company
High Performance Coach Logo Design | Witt and Company

Brand Strategy + Design

Kelly’s work changes lives but she struggled with communicating that value and effect through the brand. The work she does is so valuable and unique – we wanted a brand that clearly articulated that.

Brand values: Freedom • Connection • Integrity • Trust • Fun

The visuals needed a mixture of classy and professional with spirtuality and freedom. She wanted a balance that represented her as a person but also the bigger vision for EMP. 

Right from the start it was clear EMP aligned with the Winter Season. To help balance that minimalism and aspirational quality, we brought in a hand drawn emblem to add some Fall Brand Season characteristics. 

For the colors, we didn’t want anything too feminine so we went with a bold palette in a darker shade to balance the Winter and Fall Brand Seasons. The orange ended up being a great contrast and highlight color for the website and other marketing collateral. 

High Performance Coach Logo Design | Witt and Company
High Performance Coach Logo Design | Witt and Company
High Performance Coach Logo Design | Witt and Company
High Performance Coach Logo Design | Witt and Company

Web Strategy + Design

The primary function of the EMP site is to provide an overview of the services for potential clients and showcase her certification program. 

Because Winter was the primary brand season, I added diagonal dividers throughout each of the website pages – it’s an unexpected visual addition that adds a littler personality to the site. 

To bring in more of Kelly’s personality, we pulled from the variety of brand photos she’s had done from years past. Because her vision is to grow EMP into a team, she’ll be adding in more team-style photos as her brand grows. 

This project was so much fun to collaborate with Kelly on. It’s always a joy to work with someone who is so freaking amazing at what they do and be able to provide them with a brand that showcases their value. Her emotional clearing and mindset work is out of this world and I highly recommend you check her out! 

Elite Mental Performance Website Home Page with Divi Theme | Witt and Company
Elite Mental Performance Website About Page with Divi Theme | Witt and Company

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