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Project details

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Ace Private Practice provides administrative services centered around exceptional customer service and practical business strategy for private practice practitioners.

kind words from happy clients

Natasha Ace
Ace Private Practice

I now feel like a professional with a strong brand.

“Kelly and her team made this process as easy as one could hope for. I felt so supported throughout the whole project. Kelly was so relaxed and calm, it really helped me better communicate my desires for my business. I cannot recommend Witt and Company more highly! Thank you so much.”

Primary Logo

unleash pet photography primary logo
unleash pet photography primary logo

Color Palette

unleash pet photography color palette

Getting started with branding

Natasha and I first connected when I was a guest for her students in her program, Private Practice Alliance (PPA). We hit it off right away and after wrapping up our call, she mentioned that she needed a new brand for a new service offering.

While Natasha did have an established and successful brand with PPA, she wanted to create something that was independent from her existing business – Ace Private Practice.

Brand strategy and design

Natasha had done a lot of the foundational strategy work from a class that she was taking so we spent a majority of our brand strategy call talking through differentiation, brand voice and visuals.

Speaking of visuals, she knew right away what she wanted the logo and color palette to look like – she wanted to incorporate elements from PPA, had a few ideas for typography and wanted to keep a few colors from the PPA palette.

After sending over the initial concepts, we met for a feedback call and she immediately said, “I know you delivered everything I was asking for but I don’t like it. And I was so nervous to get on this call with you!”

Sidenote, that I also assured her of on the call: This is the whole point of the collaborative brand-building process. To share feedback, even if it’s not great. At the end of the day, this is your brand and you need to be excited about it.

We then went back to the brand strategy and I pointed out some potential disconnections between the brand personality and the visuals she was after. I also showed her one other concept that was more aligned with the personality but not with her original vision. Thankfully she loved it and we moved forward with that option.

Why I think it worked so well: The customized angled lettering on the ‘Ace’ aligned with her direct and straightforward tone of voice. The modern, clean sans serif font for ‘Private Practice’ is a nice balance with the bold ‘Ace’. The color palette is saturated and bold, which ties directly to her authoritative brand personality. And, I was able to incorporate elements from her PPA logo and turn them into an abstract floral element. It was a win-win all around!

Brand values: Balance • Intention • Innovation • Empower • Alliances • Diversity

Brand voice + communication style: Direct, authoritative, professional, bold and respectful.


Alternate Logo

unleash pet photography alternate logo
unleash pet photography brandmark

Brand Marks

Eyetography simplified logo variation
custom brand icons for unleash pet photography

Brand Icons

unleash pet photography custom brand pattern

Brand Pattern

unleash pet photography custom brand pattern