What We Do

Brand strategy, design and development for nonprofit and social impact organizations.

Helping nonprofits that are doing things differently create a consistent and cohesive brand experience so they can connect with the right people and do more good.

Our Approach

A collaborative process resulting in a brand that’s easy to communicate and exciting to show off.

Our process is aimed at helping you clarify your truths as a brand and organization so you can connect with the right people and spread your purpose even further. You know you’re doing good work – you just need some help in sharing it in a way that resonates with your audience. At the end of the branding process, you’ll be able to clearly articulate, for your community, the impact your organization has and the visions it’s working towards.

But first, we strategize.

Your brand’s strategy is the communication plan for your brand and business. We have four main pillars that we’ll dive into – who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how you want people to feel when they experience your brand. Together these elements will create a strong foundation for communicating your brand with your right people.

Crafting your core message.

With your communication foundation in place, we will then dive into your brand’s message – the common thread woven into every brand touch point. This is all about creating an overarching theme that’s easy for you and your team to show up for, and easy for your community to understand.

Aligning on a visual brand.

With your strategy and message nailed down, we then bring the entire experience to life through intentional design. Based on color psychology and seasonal brand theory, your visuals (the logo, fonts, colors, website, collateral) will enhance and amplify the experience you want your brand to communicate.

How we can support your organization

The Brand Audit

A thorough review of your current brand experience. We’ll do a deep dive into your marketing efforts (website, print, social, email, etc.) and provide an in-depth analysis of what’s working and what’s not. You’ll walk away with a clear path towards your quick wins and longer term updates to consistently and cohesively connect with your community.

Brand Strategy and Message

Your organization and needs are unique so our goal is to sit down and listen. This is all about getting clear on your brand’s communication plan and that means understanding the ins-and-outs of your organization. You’ll walk away with clarity on your brand strategy foundation, positioning and brand message pillars.

New Brand

We take a strategy-first approach to design, so first we get clear on your organization’s communication plan. Then, we bring it to life with consistent and cohseive visuals that enhance the overall brand experience. You’ll walk away with a clear brand strategy, a brand identity and supporting brand collateral.

Design Day

Sometimes you just need a little graphic design support. Our Design Days are a great way to get a bulk of your design needs done, in one day. Our team collects your priority list and then gets to work. You’ll walk away with a variety of collateral that’s consistent and cohesive.

New brand + Website

If you’re wanting a full brand experience overhaul (or are starting a new endeavor). We get clear on your organization’s brand strategy, bring it to life with a new identity and then create a seamless experience with a new, custom website. 

Need something custom or want consulting?

Take a look at our full capabilities to see how we can support you.

Local Food is Essential Website Mockup | Witt and Company


  • Brand audit
  • Brand strategy
  • Brand messaging
  • Brand positioning
  • Brand story
  • Website audit
  • SEO audit
  • User experience
  • Keyword reasearch


  • Brand identity
  • Graphic design
  • Event collateral
  • Fundraising collateral
  • Print and publication design
  • Custom website
  • Website maintenance
  • Landing page


  • Marketing strategy
  • Content audit
  • Content strategy
  • SEO

Let’s work together

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