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Ditch the New Brand and Business Overwhelm

As a new business owner, the overwhelm level can be at an all-time high. You have this idea and you’re damn excited about it – you can’t wait to get it off the ground.


Except putting that vision into a clear, concise message is proving to be more challenging than you thought. And the visual brand? You want it to reflect YOU and this new venture but you aren’t sure where to start.

My friend, let’s ditch the overwhelm and get you started with a rock solid brand foundation that will bring more clarity, ease and enjoyment into this new endeavor.

Jennifer DiMarco

DiMarco Consulting

“Both my brand and website seem like natural extensions of myself.

I knew I needed a web designer who knew they knew what they were talking about. After speaking with Kelly the first time, I knew she was the right person to work with. I felt comfortable and could be open and honest, immediately. Throughout the whole process, I was so comfortable and able to be my authentic self. We were able to laugh together and get the work done!”

The Brand Process

How we can help

A consistent and cohesive brand has the power to bring confidence and excitement into your new business, and bring clarity in how you want to show up for your community. Our services help you create a brand experience that accurately reflects the vision for your new business, brings more certainty into your brand communication and supports you in reaching your version of success.

The Semi-Custom
Brand Shop

This is perfect for you if… You’re just getting started with your new business and want to have a consistent and cohesive brand design from the start, but aren’t ready to invest in a full brand package.
Brand Identity Process from Witt and Company

Brand Design

This is perfect for you if… You have a clear vision for your new business and brand, and need support bringing it all life. At the end of the branding process, you’ll walk away with a communication plan for your brand and a visual identity that accurately reflects you and your desired brand experience.

Strategic Brand
+ Web Design

This is perfect for you if… You’re clear on the vision and are ready to start your new business with a custom brand and website. At the end of the project, you’ll walk away with a communication plan for your brand, a visual identity that accurately reflects you and your desired brand experience, and a strategic website that supports your business goals.

Alyssa Shaikh

Parasol Travel Co

“this gave me the confidence to share
myself and my business with more people.

I loved working with you so much. Your communication style matches me perfectly and your artwork and sense of style is great! This process was not just about building my brand, but it helped me personally work through some of my self-confidence issues. It truly was a transformational process. Thank you so much, from the bottom of my heart!”

Brand resources for new business owners

What Makes a Good Brand

What Makes a Good Brand

A good brand is built with intention and purpose. When done well, a strong brand can support your version of success and bring more ease and enjoyment into your business. When I first started our home renovation blog, North Country Nest, I would spend hours and hours...