Consistent + Cohesive Branding

Witt and Company Design Day

With your brand and website finalized, you finally feel confident to get out there and show up for your community. You’re marketing consistently and business is feeling GOOD. So food, in fact, you’re ready for some new brand collateral assets. Or, maybe you’re in the process of creating a new program and need a sales page designed that looks cohesive with the rest of your site. But, who has time for that? You’ve got bigger fish to fry and spending hours designing something that you know you won’t feel 100% confident in isn’t the best use of your time.

No need to panic, my friend!
This is exactly what the Witt and Company Designer Day was created for! 

Tell me more…

No more waiting (and waiting) for design work to be done. All you need to do is book a Witt and Company Design Day and we’ll tackle your highest priority items – that day. Yup, you’ll have final files by the next morning. No more back-and-forth for weeks on end. One day and you’re all set!

Here’s the best part. Whatever design needs you have on your plate, whether it’s a PDF, promos for an upcoming course, a new website sales page… we’re here to create what you need, in just one day, at one set price.

How it works

One day. Devoted entirely to you and your brand.

Pick Your Day

Pick your desired Design Day.

Prioritize Your Needs

Send over your design wish list and together we’ll collaborate on what we can get done in our allotted time. 

Provide feedback

During the Design Day, we’ll send over proofs and/or drafts of our work – all you need to do is be available for feedback!

What Can Be Done?

Take a quick look at what we can do in just one day.

Design tasks like this could be taken off your plate in just one day!
Here are a few examples of what we can create during your Witt and Company Design Day!

Graphic Design

  • PDF/workbooks/ebooks
  • PowerPoint slides
  • Business cards
  • Webinar/course graphics
  • Custom icons

Website Maintenance

  • Update website copy
  • Update website images

Website Design

  • New page design
  • Sales page design
  • Landing page design

Let’s get started

$1099 per day

If you’re ready…

• To feel confident of your brand’s aesthetic on an ongoing basis;

• To feel secure knowing you have a reliable brand and design partner in your corner; and,

• To feel proud of the entire brand experience you’re providing for your community (because, hello, they deserve it!)

… then let’s get you booked for the Witt and Company Design Day! Email Kelly at to get your date scheduled in no time!