strategic brand design

A strategy-first approach to creating a brand that supports your business.

When you have no shortage of ideas but aren’t sure how to convey them to your prospective clients in a way that’s visually cohesive and easy to understand.

Creating a consistent and cohesive brand

Your brand’s strategy is the communication plan for your brand. It’s the foundation for creating a consistent and cohesive experience. 

So, if you find yourself staring, yet again, at that blinking cursor or wondering whether or not you’re connecting with the right people, it might be time to get back to the basics.

Our tried-and-true process will help you create a solid plan for communicating your brand to the right people, at the right time with the right message.

Strategic brand design framework

month one

These collaborative workshops will help you get clear on the four brand strategy foundation pillars – who you serve, what you offer, why it matters and how it’ll be experienced – and clarify the common thread woven throughout your brand’s message.

You’ll walk away with an extensive brand strategy guide that serves as a strong foundation for consistent and cohesive brand communication as well as a brand message guide.

month two and three

You’ll receive up to three logo concepts based on the brand strategy and messaging work we completed in month one.

You’ll walk away with a full logo suite (main logo, submark, alternate variations), color palette, typography recommendations and two supporting brand collateral items.

month three

With your brand strategy and message in place, we’ll work through crafting a marketing plan that aligns with your business goals, based on the four phases of your brand’s customer journey.

You’ll walk away with a 90-day content marketing plan that’s in line with your capacity, as well as a Design Day where our team will create all the visual elements needed to support your marketing objectives so you can show up for your brand with ease.


TIMELINE: Three Months

INVESTMENT: Starting at $6,999
Three, four and six month payment plans available.

Need somethin’ else?

We’d love to hear about it.

We’re happy to support you with your brand needs and can create something just for you if that’s more your style. Simply fill the application and let’s chat!

available design support:

  • Graphic design
  • Print and packaging
  • Iconography
  • Signage
  • Brand style guide

At the end of our time together, you’ll walk away with:

→ An understanding and strong foundation of who you are as a brand
→ Clarity on what to say to consistently share your brand’s message
→  Cohesive visuals that you’re excited to show off and enhance your overall brand experience
→ A marketing strategy that’s aligned with your business goals and capacity


Wondering if we’d be a good fit?

→ Organization and communication are pillars of our brand process; we set timelines and stick to ’em (and we expect you to do the same)
→ We enjoy sarcasm and believe in the power or a well-placed curse word
→ Collaboration is a priority; we want to hear your ideas and vision
→ That being said, we’re here to offer our guidance and expertise, and will openly share our thoughts on next-right-steps
→ Don’t be surprised if you hear baby babbles or barking dogs; family first is the name of the game and we celebrate #reallife

kind words from happy clients

Karissa Russ
Karissa Russ & Co.

“Her work is out of this world and she really has a way of making what you envision come to life.”

“Was it worth the investment? 1000000%. I’ll be shouting her name from the rooftops. I’m already getting tons of compliments on the new site and that is thanks to Kelly for pushing me outside of my bubble and digging deep to get to the core of myself/business. ”

Ready to get started? Here’s how it works.

Fill out the application

To make sure we’re a good fit for what you’re needing support with.

Hop on a discovery call

A no-obligations call to ensure we, ya know, get along. And to learn more about you and your business goals.

Receive a Custom Proposal

Based on your brand needs, we’ll send over all the info you need.

Sign and Make it Official

Submit the proposal, receive a contract and make a deposit. And most importantly, celebrate!