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Is Your Messaging Working for You?

Not sure how to really talk about the service you offer? Unclear about what sets your brand apart from similar businesses in your space? Confused about how you can talk about your services and where you should spend your marketing efforts?

Second guessing, uncertainty and lack of clarity affects how you show up for your business. In fact, it’s probably costing you more than just those wasted hours changing your website font for the third seventh time. Or, tweaking that Instagram caption again and again… and again.

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We’re giving away 20 FREE marketing and website audits.

Plus, one lucky person will receive a one-hour brand consultation with brand strategist and designer, Kelly Wittman AND a one-hour marketing consultation with marketing strategist Jen Fieldman. 

Yep, you read that right. 

We’re each giving away one hour of FREE consulting to help you get clear on your marketing and your brand.


Because we know that a solid brand strategy can only make your marketing stronger. So, if you’re wondering how to fit all the pieces together, simply fill out the form! 

Meet Your Messaging Pros

Jen Fieldman

Marketing + Strategy Coach

Jen is a marketing and strategy coach for female entrepreneurs. She transforms these service-based bosses from struggling for clients to generating consistent, high-quality leads – using only organic growth methods.



Kelly Wittman

Brand Strategist + Designer

Kelly is a brand strategist and designer for service-based business owners. She helps business owners showcase their knowledge and expertise through intentional brand strategy and cohesive visuals.



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