Brand Consults
for Brand Clarity
+ Quick Wins

Brand uncertainty is tough. 

Confused about the fonts and colors you’re using on your website? Not sure how to really talk about the service you offer? Unclear about what sets your brand apart from similar businesses in your space?

Second guessing, uncertainty and lack of clarity affects how you show up for your business. In fact, it’s probably costing you more than just those wasted hours changing your color scheme for the third seventh time.

it’s time to get excited about your brand

Consistent Visuals

Let’s make sure you’re brand visuals are telling the same story regardless of where they show up.

Clear Strategy

Let’s dive into your brand message so that you know how to talk about the great services you offer in a way that resonates with your ideal client.

Cohesive Website

Let’s take a look at your website and make sure it’s providing a consistent brand experience that clearly communicates what you do.

Melissa Hernandez-Erickson

MH Style Consulting

“Kelly offered her consulting services to coach me through what to do after looking through my site. She worked with me throughout the week as well once I did the tweaks so she could double check my work. I loved working with her!! Definitely someone I would recommend if you need help with branding, coming up with a color scheme and/or just consulting.”

How it works

step 01.

Book a time slot

Pick a two-hour window + pay the $199 consultation fee to confirm your spot

step 02.

Fill Out the Strategy Workbook

Once your appointment is confirmed, you’ll receive the brand strategy workbook that you’ll complete prior to our call.

step 03.

Join Me for the Two-Hour Consultation

We’ll hop on a Zoom call and work through your biggest brand struggles. You’ll walk way with clear action-steps that you can implement right away.

Collaborative brand building

Not knowing how to build that recognizable brand is frustrating. Second guessing everything from the color you make your website buttons to the title you give yourself is exhausting. 

Sometimes, all you need is a second set of eyes that’s been in your shoes – someone in your corner that’s just as excited as you are to see your business grow. 

You deserve to be excited about your brand and that excitement stems from being clear on:

  • What you do
  • Why you do it
  • Who you serve
  • How you serve