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What to Pin on Your Pinterest Inspiration Board

May 24, 2019 | Visual Brand

Here’s what to pin and what to search for to gather the best ideas and images for your new visual brand Pinterest inspiration board.


Whether you’re working with a designer or taking a DIY approach to your visual brand, the best place to start is by curating a collection of images, graphics and patterns to one central location, like a Pinterest board. This will becoming your place to gather everything and anything related to your new visual brand. If you find it inspiring, pin it.

During this process, you’re not proofing. By that, I mean you’re collecting everything. This isn’t about going back and making sure everything looks good together or aligns. Similar to writing, you want to get all the information on one board, then it’ll be time to refine and cut.

If you’re working with a brand designer, it’s their job to go through and pull out the images that will align best with the new direction.

However, before you get to that point, there are a few things to keep in mind when looking for photos and/or what to search for to yield the best results.


Color Schemes

Start by searching for color schemes. If you have a favorite color or color palette, type that into the Pinterest search bar. For example, if you’re really into yellow, type in ‘yellow color scheme’ and see what comes up. Don’t worry about keeping the colors cohesive at this point. If you like it, pin it.


Logos + Submarks

Then move onto logos and submarks. If you’re into the hand drawn style, search for those types of logos. If you’re more modern or minimal, try searching for those styles. There is no right or wrong answer here and it’s okay if you’re a little all over the place. Utilize the comment section and write why you are drawn to that particular style. Is it the font they used or maybe the graphic that’s accompanying the text? When you can identify what exactly is drawing you in, it will help me get a better idea of what you like.


Lifestyle + Feeling

The last category is about feeling. Pin images that elicit a certain feeling you want your brand to emulate. For example, when you think about how you want people to think and feel when they experience your new brand, what words come to mind? Think cozy, relaxed, upscale, warm, friendly, luxurious, modern, etc. Also, go through the brand workbook and look at what you wrote there – what words pop out? Then, head to Pinterest and type in the word followed by lifestyle photography. So, if one of your words is cozy, you would type ‘cozy lifestyle photography’

Shoot for pinning at least 30 images to the shared brand board, with a variety of color schemes, photographs and logo designs. This will help you/your designer get a pretty solid idea of what you’re envisioning for your visual brand with enough to pull together your mood board!

Last, but not least, have FUN! You’re pulling together inspiration for your new visual brand – this is really exciting and a time to celebrate! The possibilities are endless and you have the ability to take your new visual brand in whatever direction you choose!

Happy pinning!

All my best,


Pin for later!

What to Pin on Your Brand Pinterest Inspiration Board | Witt and Company