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My Number One Tip for Getting More Clients

May 14, 2019 | Brand Strategy, Business Strategy

Wondering how to get more clients? This post will walk you through the process of understanding and clearly communicating the client transformation your service based business provides.

The last part of defining your customer journey is honing in on the problem you’re solving for them and the outcome they’re going to receive. This a recurring theme in this series, but it’s worth repeating: you have to know where you’re starting from to know where you’re going. The same is true for your business. If you don’t fully understand the problem your customer has, you won’t be able to clearly articulate what they’ll get if they invest in your business.

If you’ve been with us since the beginning, you probably already have a pretty good idea of your ideal clients’ pain points. If not, jump back to this post and work on defining your ideal client—identifying their problem is key to understanding the client transformation.

Why Understanding the Client Transformation Is Important

Each and every client you work with comes to you because they have a problem and they’re looking for you to solve it. More often than not, they’re expecting you or your service to transform some aspect of them or their business.

When you understand and can clearly communicate that transformation, not only will you be able to build a stronger connection with that customer, but you’ll also be able to better articulate to potential clients what they can expect from working with you.

Why is this important?

The transformation is part of what makes your brand, your brand. It’s where your personality really shines. Because no one else is going to deliver the same results as you.

Take the industry I’m in—there are loads of brand designers online. LOADS. But guess what? No one else can deliver the exact same transformation as I do. And vice versa. There are so many amazing and talented designers—people that I wish I could emulate. But that’s not me. And that’s not the transformation that I provide.

How to Get Clear on That Transformation

Now, let’s dive into getting clear on what you’re actually providing for your clients.

Start with their Point A. As I mentioned already, if you’ve been following along with this Build Your Brand Foundation series, you’ve identified most of this in the “Ideal Client” phase. Think about what a typical day-to-day looks like for your client and what their pain points are. What keeps them up at night? What are they stressed out about?

And the most important question: At what point do they feel like they need to throw in the towel or start looking for outside help? If you can pinpoint the exact time when someone starts searching for your service, you’ll be able to communicate with them on an entirely different level. Why? Because you will be speaking directly to their problem, in the exact manner they’re experiencing it.

Now, think about the last few clients that you’ve worked with. What did their Point B look like? Can you explain their changed demeanor? How has their life or business evolved? Does their typical day look different? What problem did your service solve, and how are they now spending that time?

I encourage you to get very clear on this. If you can, talk to past clients to get their real-life feedback. This is not the time to be like everyone else. Regardless of how “saturated” your industry is, no one else can provide the same transformation as you. Yes, they may deliver similar results, but the experience your client will have is completely independent to YOU. Own that and get crystal clear on what makes you different.

A Few Final Thoughts

Customer transformations do not have to be these big, complex things. As you’re thinking about Point B for your client, simple is better. Think about it from their perspective: more than likely, they’re frustrated and just want to know that their problem will be solved. They don’t necessarily care about all the other amazing side effects that will probably happen after doing business with you. Keep your eyes on the prize and stay clear on the reason they’re coming to you in the first place.

My friends, you’ve now completed three of the four brand foundation pillars. My hope is that you have a solid understanding of your brand—you’ve identified your ideal client, know the driving force behind your brand, and understand the adventure each ideal client goes on when they come in contact with your brand.

The last piece of this foundation is usually everyone’s favorite: the visuals. Think color scheme, logo, fonts, and print materials. This is the pillar that almost everyone thinks of first when they hear the word “brand.” We save it for last because all the work you’ve done up to this point will help guide your visual brand—c’mon back next week for the first lesson in putting together a visual brand!

All my best,

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