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2019 Year in Review: Top Five Business Lessons Learned

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Dec 26, 2019

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2019 was a growth year. Not just in business revenue but also growth in terms of personal development, relationships, abilities and education.

As I look back, I am humbled yet again to be pursuing this dream. Yes, some days, weeks, months are hard. But the hardest days are still worth the effort of being a business owner.

And because I am all about learning and reflecting, here are my five biggest takeaways from 2019.


01. Make Time for Connecting With Humans

As a homebody and introvert, I don’t always mind the being-alone part. In fact, it’s one of the reasons why I wanted to start my own business in the first place.

However, towards the end of 2018, I started to crave some more interaction. So, I joined the board of directors for the Women Entrepreneurs of Minnesota.

Joining that group gave me the courage (and the desire) to start meeting even more people, and putting myself out there became a priority in 2019. From networking events to one-on-one coffee meetups to mastermind calls, I made it a point to connect with others on a weekly basis.

The simple act of talking and connecting to others grounds me in a way that nothing else can. Plus, I get the high of offering an ear and helping someone else with whatever is going on in their life. It’s a win-win and something that will continue to be an intention for 2020.


02. Nothing Worth While Happens in Your Comfort Zone

Something I preach to family and friends on a regular basis is the power of saying ‘no’. But I’ve learned this year more than ever, that there is power in saying hell yes to things that make you a step out of your safe box.

My first big leap in 2019 was going to a stranger’s yoga class where I knew no one else. It led to the instructor and I going out for drinks and then creating MN Branding Co., a partnership with an amazing local brand photographer (check her out here).

Buying my first ticket to an out-of-country business retreat where I didn’t know a soul led to amazing friendships, a few clients and a life-changing experience that I will remember for the rest of my life.  

Saying yes to a client who asked if I would speak to her mastermind group on a monthly basis led to being invited to speak at her business retreat in Florida (only a few more sleeps until the big event!).

I’ve realized that the getting uncomfortable feeling doesn’t really go away. It just takes a different form. At the beginning of 2019, stepping out of my comfort zone meant going to a yoga class where I didn’t know anyone. Fast forward to the end of the year and it looks more like investing time and money in a year-long mastermind.

It doesn’t mean that one is less valid than the other – it just means that we grow and change, and our comfort zones grow and change with us. So that thing you’re scared to do today? How awesome to think that it’ll be a no-brainer in a few days, weeks or months?


03. Breaks are an Often Overlooked Important Necessity

Friends, you must take time off.

Your business and your mental health will thank you. 

I’m embarrassed to say that it took me two years to unplug for an entire five days. But, it’s now something that I have worked into my 2020 planning because it was a complete game changer. The renewed energy I felt coming back into my business after five days away brought with it the motivation to tackle so many new things. Add to that, the inspiration and ideas that were flowing because I gave myself space to actually get creative.

I saw time away as a luxury I would have when I crossed a certain income goal. What I didn’t realize – giving myself space is what will help me reach that goal so much faster and with more ease.


04. Invest in Yourself Because You’re Worth It

I heard this quote on a podcast that went something like, “If you can’t invest in yourself, how can you expect others to do the same?” 

It stopped me in my tracks. 

When I look back at this past year, every big moment was preceded by me investing in myself in some shape or form. In March, I had my biggest month of revenue. Just a week prior in February, I purchased my ticket for The Imperfect Boss Camp. 

In October, I took five days off to attend said Imperfect Boss Camp. Shortly after returning, I booked out for the rest of the year. 

In December, I purchased a course and signed up for a year-long mastermind program. The next week, six inquiries came in for 2020 services. 



But I wholeheartedly choose to believe that when we invest in ourselves, God, The Universe, whatever you call it, takes notice and gives it right back to us. Whether you invest time or money, it’s the simple act of investing in YOU, your future, your dreams, that creates positive energy and momentum. You show up to the party in an entirely different way because there’s skin in the game. 


05. Enjoy What You Do & Have Fun

Owning a business, growing a business, being in business… It’s hard. Harder than anything I’ve done up to this point. But what keeps me going day after day is knowing that even the hardest moments are sandwiched between enjoyment and fun. 

I don’t know how many times this year I wrote in my gratitude journal something along the lines of, “I am getting paid for something that feels like playtime.” That I get the opportunity to meet and work with amazing business owners who are chasing their own badass dreams. I get to support them – how freakin’ cool is that? 

Friends, life is short. Too short. And there is absolutely no reason why you can’t find a little enjoyment and fun every single day.

I think it’s safe to say, 2019 was one hell of a year.

Cheers to putting into practice what we learned in 2019 and making 2020 our best year yet.


All my best,


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