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Seasonal Brand Theory | The Winter Personality

Dec 9, 2021 | Visual Brand

We’re diving into seasonal brand theory specifics and taking a look at the visual brand elements for the winter brand season personality. [affiliate links may be used, at no additional cost to you. thank you for supporting witt and company!]

And as an added bonus, you can also pick up the Spring Brand Workbook in the Brand Resource Library by clicking here!

I first discovered Seasonal Brand Theory when listening to a podcast featuring Fiona Humberstone – the ‘pioneer’ behind this idea. She talked about how every brand identified with a certain season and that season had a specific set of guidelines based on its associated adjectives. She used this concept in her own branding agency when working with clients and talked about how it was so easy to utilize because it gave clients an understanding of their decisions. It became a common language she could use with both her employees and the brand they worked with.

Well, as soon as I finished the podcast episode, I jumped online and purchased her two books, her course on colour psychology and downloaded all her free content.

And, we’ve been using Seasonal Color Theory in our branding process ever since.

In this blog post, we’re going in-depth on the Fall Brand Season. Its associated adjectives as well as the recommended colors, typography, photography and graphics.

Quick note/disclaimer: This isn’t a hard and fast rule, an all-or-nothing perspective. Utilizing the brand seasons isn’t about checking all the boxes to ensure your brand aligns perfectly with the outlined traits and recommendations. But rather, viewing the seasons as more of guidelines that you can utilize as a starting point and/or baseline for your brand strategy and identity.

Last note. Your brand’s season is about how your brand is experienced. It’s not necessarily how YOU feel as a human but rather, how you want your brand to be perceived and experienced by others.

Okay, let’s talk Winter


>> What is Seasonal Brand Theory?
>> High level, what is the winter brand season?
>> Winter brand season: voice and communication style
>> Winter brand season: colors
>> Winter brand season: typography
>> Winter brand season: graphics and textures
>> Winter brand season: photography style


What is Seasonal Brand Theory?

The basic idea of Seasonal Brand Theory is that every brand identifies with a particular season and that season has unique characteristics.

From the words on a website to the photography styling to the color palette, each season has a set of guidelines that embody and evoke emotions based on color psychology and seasonal theory.

Now, with that being said, there aren’t hard and fast rules for each season. Think of them more as erasable boundary lines to help you stay on track.

High level, what is the winter brand season?

The winter brand personality is highly driven, decisive, focused, and objective. They know how to get things done with a minimal amount of commotion.

CLICK HERE to grab the winter brand season PDF in the free brand resource library.

Keywords that describe the Winter brand: Strong, objective, straightforward, driven, focused, decisive, luxurious, glamorous, determined, captivating, lavish

Winter brand season: voice and communication style

The winter brand voice is straightforward and to the point. They do not sugarcoat their communication and they tell it like it is.

Winter brand season: colors

The winter colors are cool, saturated and clear.

Winter brand season: typography

Font selection for the winter brand is all about extremes. High contrast type within each letter and very thin or thick weight are great options.

Winter brand season: graphics and textures

Winter graphics have hard lines with geometric shapes. The patterns are clean, minimal and no-fuss. Winter textures include luxurious marble, opulent gold, and the minimal white or black.

Winter brand season: photography style

The winter photography style is about high contrast, dramatic aesthetic and clean lines. Think luxurious items against a marble backdrop or bold pops of color against a plain white or black background.


Happy (winter) branding!


All my best,


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