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Understanding the four phases of the customer journey will help you understand your client better and provide the best possible brand experience.

Pillar three of the Build Your Brand Foundation is all about the customer journey and transformation. This is where you define and map out the experience that your brand will provide to each person it comes in contact with.

Part of that framework is the customer journey.

And in order to define what that means for your brand, we first need to understand what it actually is.

I define the customer journey as the adventure a company provides from the first point of contact to transformation and end result. At Witt and Company, the journey starts when they first come across my work and ends when they are at a stage in their business that no longer needs my services. It is not when they book a package or even after we wrap up a project; I am a firm believer in exceeding expectations that makes clients want to come back again and again.

Why It’s Important to Have a Customer Journey

You may be thinking, “Sure, that sounds great. But I don’t have time for that and every person is different.”

I thought the same thing, too. And then I actually wrote down the processes and workflows each client goes through and realized there’s a point where it’s all pretty much the same. However, if you go through today’s exercise and realize you have more customer journey variations than actual customers, it’s probably time to niche down your service and get clear on your why.

Friends, if you don’t know where you’re taking your clients, how can you expect them to buy into you? Whether that’s with their email address or their credit card, people like to know what to expect.

Today, we’re going to give you the high level framework of a customer journey. These are the four phases that each client will go through when doing business with you. Some may skip a phase and some may spend weeks or months in a phase—everyone is different and that’s okay. The point is to understand the general flow each customer will take when experiencing your brand.

The Customer Journey in Four Phases

Phase One: Attract Your Ideal Customer

Whether the person comes across you via a Facebook group or meets you at a networking event, this phase is all about the initial interaction. It is all the possible “touch points” someone could have with your business.

Phase Two: Buy In To Your Message

When someone buys in to your message, they’re giving you something important; more often than not, it’s their email address. They’re telling you that they like what you’re saying and they’re willing to give up something important to them. It’s not as valuable to them as money, but it’s the first step. They’re opening the doors to their inbox, which should not be taken lightly.

Phase Three: Make a Purchase

Once they’ve bought into your message by giving you their email address or phone number, the next step in the journey is to make a purchase. They’re so compelled by what you have to say that they are willing to take the next step and hand over something of even more value than their contact information: money.

Phase Four: Retain Your Business

When someone makes a purchase and literally buys in to your business, they’re giving you a gift. This phase is all about delighting that person and exceeding expectations. There’s a saying out there about how it costs twice (?) as much to find a new client compared to keeping an existing one. This phase is about spending the time and energy into making your current clients feel like a million bucks and building a rock solid relationship with them.

A Few Final Thoughts

As with all things in business, this framework is meant to be a guide. It’s not the be-all-end-all when it comes to operating your business. Use this as a tool for reference and next week, we’ll be diving deeper into each defining each phase so you provide the best experience possible!

All my best,

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The Four Phases of the Customer Journey | Witt and Company

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