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The Fall Season | Seasonal Color Theory

Jun 18, 2019 | Business Strategy

We’re diving into seasonal color theory specifics and taking a look at the visual brand elements for the fall brand personality. [affiliate links may be used, at no additional cost to you. thank you for supporting witt and company!]

Before we dive into identifying your brand’s season, let’s walk through each one individually, to give you a sense of what it means to embody that season as a brand.

I want to first issue a little disclaimer: when picking which season your brand falls into, first, listen to your gut, your intuition. Your first instinct is probably right. And picking a season isn’t about checking all the boxes and making sure it aligns perfectly with the personality traits. The season is more of a guideline and as you become more familiar with that season’s style and personality, you can tweak and update your brand as needed. Remember, brands are fluid and will evolve with your business.

Okay, let’s talk seasons.

We’ve covered spring and summer. Next up, the fall brand personality.

The Fall Brand Season

Fall brands are full of integrity and authenticity with a strong focus on family and friends. In addition, they love to challenge the established norms.

Fall Brand Season Personality | Witt and Company

CLICK HERE to grab the fall brand PDF in the free brand resource library.

Keywords: friendly, warm, passionate, authentic, simple, comfortable, cozy, welcoming, ambitious, organic, earthy, natural

Brand voice: The fall brand voice is warm, friendly, and approachable. It’s not concerned with staying in the status quo, but still comes across as intelligent and creative.

Colors: The fall colors are warm and muted.

Graphics and Patterns: Fall graphics have rounded corners and the illustrations are informal and full of character. Think hand-drawn and imperfect.

Textures: Fall textures are natural and organic. Think linen, burlap, and thick craft paper.

Photography style: Fall photography is organic, natural, and warm.

For even more visual inspiration, click here to check out my fall personality Pinterest board.

Next week, we’re wrapping up the seasons with the winter personality.

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Seasonal Brand Theory | The Fall Brand Attributes | Witt and Company