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What it’s Like Working with a Branding Professional – A Peek Behind the Witt and Company Branding Process

by | May 26, 2020 | Business Strategy

Take a peek behind the curtain and see what the entire branding process at Witt and Company is like, walking through a full rebrand from start to finish.

Crafting a brand for your business is often a very personal endeavor. Especially when you’re a service based business owner and selling your expertise. 

When you’re just getting started, excitement and motivation are usually at an all-time high and DIY’ing your brand is often the preferred route. You hire a graphic designer to create a logo or you make one yourself in Canva, pull a few colors together that look good and spend several hours finding the perfect font. 

Sound familiar? 🙂 

There will come a time, whether it’s right outta the gate or after you’ve been in business for a bit, when you realize that your DIY brand is ready for an upgrade. 

I will be the first to admit that there are a plethora of brand strategists and designers out there to choose from – and absolutely no shortage of amazing talent. So today, I want to pull back the curtain and dive into the entire brand experience here at Witt and Company. 


But First, Brand Strategy

The very first to-do is to get clear on your brand strategy. The strategy guides the visuals, so it plays a very big role in the branding process. 

To guide the process, I’ll send over a brand strategy workbook. This baby covers everything from ideal client to brand values to brand voice to brand positioning. No brand stone is left unturned. The power of the brand workbook is that it forces you (gently of course! :-P) to make some decisions and get clear on what you want your brand to be. 


You’ll also pull together a Pinterest inspiration board and share it with me. This will let me know where your head is at when it comes to your visual brand. You’ll pin everything from logo styles to color schemes to photography – anything and everything that you think represents the way you want your brand to look and feel. 

To kick off the project, we’ll hop on an hour-long brand strategy call. We’ll talk through the workbook and spend extra time on anything that isn’t clear or needs a little more digging into. We’ll also go through your Pinterest board. Because I’ll have an idea of your brand season prior to our call, we’ll focus on visuals that align with that particular season, what you specifically like about what you’ve pinned and brainstorm a few different directions we can go. 

Based on our kickoff call, you’ll first receive a brand strategy outline that includes an overview of your ideal client, your brand voice and personality, and your key brand differentiator. This will also be aligned with a moodboard that showcases the visual direction of your brand. It’s a great opportunity to make sure we’re on the same page in terms of direction. 

Once that’s approved, it’s time to start working on the brand identity. 


Crafting the Visual Brand

You’ll receive three logo concepts that each include a primary logo, one or two logo variations and a submark. The concepts are in black and white – I want to make sure you’re in love with the design and know color can play a big part in your perception! 


From there, you’ll let me know what concept you love and we’ll inject color along with any updates that you decide. Sometimes clients will like an element from one concept and want that worked into another option. It’s definitely a collaborative process because I know how important it is to have a brand you love and are excited to share!

Next up is the second draft, which is in color! You’ll also receive the finalized color scheme pulled from the mood board. 


If needed, I’ll make any other small adjustments and pull everything together in a one-sheet style guide that includes your logo suite, colors, font recommendations and custom pattern. I’ll send it over for a final look through and approval.



While that’s being approved, I’ll work on the brand guide which covers everything from what you do, to who you serve, to the words that you can use to stay consistent. 

The goal of the brand guide is to give you everything you need to consistently, clearly and cohesively communicate your brand. 


The final result is a brand that you have clarity around and the tools to communicate it effectively. My end-game for each and every client is to help you create a brand you’re excited to share and showcases all the amazing work that you do. 

We get there by first getting clear on what your brand stands for – clarity leads to effective and cohesive communication. We dive into the strategy and we dig deep. Then, we transfer the strategy into a visual brand that has a personality and voice. Most importantly, it resonates with you and your ideal client. 

Ready to create a brand you’re excited about? I’d love to connect – schedule a free consultation call here

All my best,


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The Witt and Company Brand Strategy and Design Process