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Lumos Images Brand Reveal

Date Published:

Jun 5, 2019

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Laura reached out to me because she was adding branding photography to her services and wanted a new look to match this new direction! 

A little bit about her company… Lumos Images helps entrepreneurs and brands create a consistent visual representation of their brand to convey professionalism and authenticity in their field and connect with their ideal clients.

Learn more about her services here. 

Primary seasonal brand: Lumos Images most identifies with the spring personality, which is fun, approachable, energetic and creative. Clarity, transparency and simplicity is of the utmost importance. They revel in bringing people together and bouncing ideas around, just because they love exercising their creativity. Colors are bright and bold; patterns are busy and whimsical. Textures are clean with fine lines. 

Secondary seasonal brand: To help balance the energy and movement of spring, the secondary seasonal personality is fall. Think authenticity and integrity with a focus on friends and family. In addition, they love to challenge established norms. From a visual perspective, think warm, muted colors, rounded corners, natural and organic textures, and informal illustrations.

The Inspiration

Laura’s work is unique because she has focus on boat companies; she spends part of her time in Florida and has the opportunity to photograph some amazing boats. For the visual mood board, I wanted a mixture of fun approachability with a nautical vibe. 

Laura’s Pinterest inspiration board had a lot of anchors, so I used that as the foundation for creating a primary logo. 

The visual brand

Putting together this style guide was so. much. fun! I brought in even more nautical elements with the submarks, brand icons and custom pattern. We wanted to keep things bright and airy, to stay in line with her approachable photography style! 

The website

Originally, Laura only wanted to update her brand photography page. After talking through the logistics and receiving the style guide, we decided it would be better to do an entire refresh. 

Laura’s website was designed on ShowIt – see it live here. 

Want even more visual brand inspiration? Check out my portfolio!

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