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JF Strategy Brand Reveal

Date Published:

May 9, 2019

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Jen Fieldman was the very first client who signed up under the MN Branding Co. partnership with Angela at Angela Divine Photography. To say she was an absolute joy to work with is an understatement!

Since she had a marketing background, she understood the ‘why’ behind the importance of a cohesive brand. And, when we started talking about seasonal brand theory, she was excited about the concept and did even more research on her own.

A little bit about her company… JF Strategy is an expert and resource for all things related to content; from content marketing to social media content, Jen knows what you should be creating and posting, and how that content can be the most effective for your business. More specifically, she helps make a client’s social media content an effective marketing tool and works with clients to create a strategic plan so they can spend their valuable time actually creating the content.

Learn more about her services here. 

Primary seasonal brand: JF Strategy most identifies with the winter seasonal personality and is highly driven, decisive, focused and objective. She knows how to get things done, with a minimum amount of fuss.

Secondary seasonal brand: The secondary seasonal personality for JF Strategy is spring. She’s approachable, energetic and creative. Clarity, transparency and simplicity is most important and she loves bringing people together who enjoy exercising their creativity.

The Inspiration

For the mood board, I wanted a color scheme that was bold and glamorous. That translated into jewel tones with a minimalist photography style.

When creating the logo concepts, I went with a variety of styles. I wanted something strong and focused to capture the winter personality but also brought in an option that leaned a little more spring.

The visual brand

After making a few tweaks to the last logo option, we had were able to finalize the primary logo! For the color scheme, we added in some more saturation to the original palette to make it really pop!

Check out the full design for JF Strategy in the portfolio, along with a few other designs! 

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