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How to Create Your About Page: Layout + Content Prompts

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Aug 5, 2020

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We’re sharing a few questions and copy prompts to help you write your website’s about page, as well as layout ideas for inspiration!

Oh, the dreaded ‘About Page’.

When working with clients, this is the number one struggle that nearly everyone struggles with. I get it – how do you talk about yourself in a way that doesn’t seem braggy, conceited and self-centered?

Today, I want to walk you through a few helpful tips, tricks and ideas for crafting a kickass About Page along with a few layout ideas to get the creative juices flowing. This will be great for you if you’re DIY’ing your website or need to come up with the copy for said website.

Remember, Your About Page is Not For You

Seems counterintuitive, I know. But, I cannot stress this enough – your About Page is not for you. The fact of the matter is, this page is specifically for your ideal client. The purpose is to showcase how amazing you are as it relates to their problem.

The fact that you have a certification that is completely unrelated to what you’re doing now? Not necessarily relevant. The fact that you love ski trips, grew up in a small Minnesota town and graduated top of your class with a degree in Philosophy? Doesn’t do you much good if you’re a photographer living in Bali, targeting local resorts.

The point is this: your about page, while will contain information about you, is indeed centered around your ideal client and has a goal of creating connection and showcasing your expertise and ability to solve said ideal client’s problem.

Knowing that you grew up in Small Town Minnesota doesn’t really tell the local resort that you can help them. UNLESS you say something like, “Hey, I’m from a small Minnesotan town that relied on the tourist season. So, I have a firsthand understanding of how to photograph engaging and enticing photos that showcase your space in a way that will attract visitors.”

Do you see the difference?

Your About Page is all about sharing relevant information that connects with your ideal client, enhances your story and showcases your expertise.

A Few Questions to Get You Started

I’ve rounded up a few questions to help you hit the ground runnin’ when it comes to crafting an about page that works for you!

  • Why did you start your business?
  • Was there a need that you saw that wasn’t being filled?
  • What are your brand values and why are they important?
  • Thinking about your client’s problem from an empathetic standpoint, what do you specifically understand in relation to what they’re struggling with?
  • Any special accomplishments, credentials or features worth showcasing?
  • Speak to your ideal client’s pain point and what you specifically help them solve
  • What are some fun facts about you?

Putting it All Together – About Page Layout Ideas

No need to stress about a ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way to create your about page right outta the gate because here’s the deal – just like everything else in your brand, it’s okay to have it evolve, change and pivot. The goal is to get something out there and then adjust as needed. If you find out after a few months that your About Page is getting a ton of traffic, figure out how to optimize it for a certain conversion. If it’s not attracting much attention, adjust other pages to direct traffic that way.

Because I know the struggle of staring at a blank Word document and hear from nearly every client how hard it is to just sit down and write, I’m sharing a few About Page layout options. Hopefully these will help you if you’re sick of that blinking cursor :)

Happy branding!

All my best,


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