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How to Create Your Brand Message, Part Two

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Apr 1, 2021

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Part two of how to develop a brand message dives into the last four pillars of creating a message for your service based business.

Welcome to part two of creating your brand message. In case you missed part one, click here!

And as an added bonus, you can also pick up a Brand Message Workbook in the Brand Resource Library by clicking here!

06. The values that guide the brand

Your brand values are three to five words that act as the north star of your company; they’re specific ideas for your audience to stand behind that build trust and connection.

Defining the values is similar to defining that perfect-for-you client in that it forces you to draw a line in the sand. And that line will become even more pronounced with every action you take. Yes, you can write a few words that sound great, but if they don’t resonate with you or if you don’t understand the why behind them, I guarantee they won’t stick.

Your brand’s values also play a big role in your brand’s message by acting as a gatekeeper for communication.


Prior to sending out an email, crafting a blog post or sharing something on social, ask yourself, “Does this align with my brand values?” It’s a simple exercise and one that will become automatic as you start embodying your brand values in everything you do.


07. The brand voice and communication style

I like to think about your brand as being as unique as humans are – everyone you meet has a certain voice and communication style. Brands aren’t any different – every brand provides a unique experience based on their personality.

The difference is you get to be intentional about what you want your brand personality to be. When someone comes across a brand touchpoint, do they feel fun, excitable and creative, or calm, elegant and refined?

The goal here is to really clarify what exactly the brand experience will be and then strategically use the various brand elements to enhance and reinforce the personality.


08. The promise your brand makes

Growing up, the pinky promise meant business. Aka, if I made a pinky promise to a friend, it was the ultimate gesture that whatever I said I was going to do, would happen. From keeping the secret crush under wraps to showing up for a playdate, the pinky promise was no joke.

The same could be said for your brand promise – it’s the ‘thing’ that you say you’ll do, come hell or high water.

A brand promise can be related to your values, to your offerings, to who you serve, to how you serve. Really the possibilities are endless but the goal is concrete: it’s setting an expectation for every customer, client, community member.

If you’re a wedding photographer, your brand promise could be to make the experience fun. If you’re a personal trainer, your brand promise could be to always give as much effort as your client.

Similar to everything else we’ve discussed up to this point, there is no wrong answer. The goal is to make a decision – to draw your line in the sand.


09. The words and phrases commonly used within your brand

Last, but not least in this brand message mixture, are the words and phrases commonly used within your communication.

The words are not only adjectives that you would use to describe your communication style but also words that make sense for your industry and are appropriate for your brand personality.

For example, let’s say you’re a wedding photographer focused on creating a fun experience. Words commonly used in your messaging could include: fun, joy, laughter, laid-back and casual. Compare that to if you’re a wedding photographer focused on capturing a more styled event, you could use words like: elegance, romance, artistic, styled, delicate and refined.

Phrases operate in the same way as the words – it’s your bank of common phrases or sayings to sprinkle throughout your website, social media captions and brand collateral. They can be long or short, but again, the point is to embody your brand voice and communication style.

So, now what? You’ve gone through the workbook (click here to snag it in the Brand Resource Library), have clarity around the nine brand message elements… what are the next steps?

Take ACTION. Get out there, share your message, engage with your audience, show up consistently.

And, if you do that and realize something isn’t clicking, check out this post about why your message may not be resonating and then this post about three changes you can make.

I’ve said this a million times but it’s worth repeating: Branding (and thus, brand messaging) is an evolving process. Think about it like an experiment – you’re researching what does and does not work. Don’t take it too seriously and most importantly, remember to have FUN. I promise it makes the entire process a lot more enjoyable 🙂

Happy branding!

All my best,


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