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How to Communicate Your Brand Values to Your Community + Why It Matters

Apr 24, 2019 | Brand Strategy, Branding, Business Strategy

Nailing down your brand values is important, but if you don’t take action, they mean nothing. Learn how to embody your brand values and communicate them to your ideal audience for maximum impact.

You may be thinking that since you now know your ‘why’ you are all set. But, my friends, defining your brand values is only half the battle. The other part? Effectively communicating those values to your audience in a way that connects with your ideal client.

Why It Matters

The brand values you came up with are the building blocks for establishing that ‘Know, Like, Trust’ factor… But your brand actually has to live them. To embody them. To really believe in them.

Yes, you can throw them up on your website or sprinkle them into your Instagram captions, but they won’t mean shit if you’re not actually embodying them as an organization. When you truly embody your brand values, it shows. Just think about that cliche saying you’ve probably heard a million times: actions speak louder than words.

Your audience is smart. They can smell the bullshit a million miles away. So if you say communication is your number one brand value but you consistently miss emails and don’t respond to messages in a timely manner, are you really living it?

Where to Start

Grab a pen and a paper. Write one value on each sheet of paper and then brainstorm alllllllll the ways in which that value can be expressed or communicated.

For example, back to the brand that values communication—that value can be portrayed through a quick response time, replying to all comments on your blog and social media, making clients feel comfortable enough to ask questions, and asking for feedback and actually listening to the answers.

The possibilities are endless and there is no right or wrong answer. The point is to clearly articulate how your brand will embody and communicate the brand values that you have decided are of the utmost importance.

Also, keep in mind that even if you and I share the same brand value, our responses may be different. And that’s totally okay! THAT is what makes your brand. Those differences in how you communicate and showcase your brand values are what make your brand unique and help build trust with your community.

Once you’ve come up with a solid list of ways to communicate and embody each brand value, it’s time to take action. Every. Single. Day.

Values = Your Why

Remember, your values guide your why—the reason you are building and have a business. They are the heart and soul of your company. Not only do they need to be clearly defined, but they also need to be properly executed. Post your list in your office or on your fridge. Come back to them every day. When you speak to your audience, keep them in mind… and it won’t be long before you start building a kickass tribe of other amazing humans who share similar (if not the exact same) values.

Next week, we’re exploring the customer journey and how to clearly define the transformation your brand provides.

All my best,

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How to Communicate Your Brand Values | Witt and Company