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How to Bring More Personality into Your Brand

by | Mar 18, 2020 | Brand Strategy

Sharing five quick and easy ways to bring more personality into your brand so that you can create a stronger brand connection with your community.

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Today, I want to dig into the idea of personal branding, where that line is between infusing personality into your brand and making it look too ‘unprofessional’ and share some simple ways to bring more of you into your brand.

First, let’s talk about the meaning of a ‘professional-looking’ brand. Often times, if you’re coming into the entrepreneur space right outta corporate, you automatically associate professional-looking with a corporate-feel. And by corporate-feel, I mean rigid, most-often stale, lacking in personality and overall, just plain boring. Let’s just go ahead and debunk that myth right now.

A professional-looking brand doesn’t mean void of any and all personality. It means there’s standards, guidelines and structure. Basically, any brand created with intention, strategy and thoughtfulness is a professional brand.

I think the question that most people have is really, “How much of my own personality do I bring into my brand?” And that, is a valid question that will most likely get you a million different answers, depending on who you ask.

Me? I’m here to make the case that YOU belong in your brand. Especially if you’re a service provider and are selling your own expertise.

Let’s unpack that idea a little.

Whether you’re a consultant, a photographer, a personal trainer, a coach or a marketing strategist, you’re selling your knowledge and expertise. You are the person who is working directly with the client. You are the person that the client is relying on to solve a problem.

But, what if you have a team? Does it still make sense to infuse your personality into your brand?

The short answer: yes.

The longer answer: that team is still representing you and your brand. Regardless of whether or not the client deals directly with you throughout the entire process or if they are working with a team member the entire time, they still are interacting with your brand. Your brand is providing them an experience and that experience is a direct reflection on YOU because you’re the owner. You’re the guiding force behind the business.

Your brand is like a human – it has a personality and specific characteristics and a tone of voice. When you’re just getting started, more than likely, you are a one-woman shop. Meaning, you are the one writing the content, jumping on the calls, working with the client throughout the entire process. It would be pretty hard to not let your personality come through when you’re the sole person running the business.

If you’re holding back on letting your personality come through, you’re holding a portion of your brand back from your community.

People build relationships and buy from brands they know, like and trust. How can you expect them to know, like and trust you when you’re not fully showing up?

Showing up for your brand means sharing your face. Jump on Instagram stories and talk to the camera. Share pictures of yourself on your website. In your copy, let that quirky personality shine through.

Infusing your personality into your brand doesn’t mean that you have to always be showing your face and looking perfect. It just means that you need to bring aspects of YOU into your brand on a consistent basis.

Not sure where to start? No worries, I got you.

I’ve rounded up five quick and easy ways to start infusing more of your personality into your brand.

Get clear on your brand values.

Because your brand values are the north star of your brand, they play a pretty big role in guiding your business. What’s great about your values is more often than not, they’re directly tied to YOU and what you hold sacred. By getting clear on what your brand stands for, you’re getting clear on what YOU stand for. Communicating those values with your community is a great way to share what you hold valuable and find common ground with others who have similar views.

Share photos of you on your site.

If I pop over to your website, I shouldn’t have to do a lot of searching to find a photo of you. Your website is your digital home base. It’s where you send people to learn more about how you serve and show up for clients. So, it makes sense that YOU should play a prominent role – the client is, after all, buying into your expertise.

Add contractions to your writing so it sounds more human.

This is the quickest and easiest way to infuse more personality into your brand. When you’re talking out loud, you naturally use them, so why not infuse that into your writing? For example, if you’re talking to a friend, you probably wouldn’t say, “I can not come to your party.” Instead, it’s more like, “Hey, sorry, I can’t come tomorrow night.”

Record yourself talking.

Building on the above tip, if you’re really struggling with writing that sounds like YOU, record yourself talking about whatever topic it is you’re trying to write about. Then, transcribe it and make your edits from there. Yes, it’s a pain in the ass but over time, I promise you’ll get better at writing in your voice and won’t need to record yourself any more.

Get. On. Video.

I know, I know. Video is the big, bad, scary wolf. But, there’s no better way to show you and your personality than by getting in front of the camera. If your anxiety level is rising just reading this, try Instagram Stories or Snapchat. Since it disappears in 24 hours, there’s no need to break a sweat.

My friends, I know you have big dreams for your business and every day you’re taking a step towards your version of success. I want to help you get there quicker and with more ease, by sharing the ‘how-to’s’ for creating a strong brand.

A strong brand will help your business grow, help you differentiate from competitors and help you stay consistent. But, at the center of a strong brand is YOU. And, that means being present and showing up.

Happy branding!

All my best,


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