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Finding Your Brand Message Superpower

by | Jul 31, 2020 | Business Strategy

Discover the brand message strategy that’ll help you showcase your brand’s superpower!


Your brand message is the overarching theme woven into the different touch points someone has with your brand. It’s the message that you want associated with your brand. As a service provider, more often than not, your brand message is what you stand for and what you teach.

Several weeks ago, I created a survey and through those results, it became pretty apparent that knowing how to consistently talk about your brand is a struggle.

By understanding how to communicate your brand on a consistent basis, not only will you show up more consistently but you’ll also build stronger relationships with your community because they understand your brand. People don’t like to be confused and if your brand message isn’t clear, there’s a high likelihood that it’s causing confusion.

If you’re struggling to find your brand’s message, don’t worry – I got you.

Your Brand Message Superpower

I am so excited to share a new endeavor with you – the ‘Find Your Brand Message Superpower’ quiz. Want to jump right over and take it? Click here.

I’ve broken down the idea of brand messaging into four distinct categories to help guide you in your brand messaging journey. Those categories are: ideal client, solution, process and differentiation. Based on your answers to the quiz, you’ll fall into one of the four categories. There’s detail on what that means for your brand AND a few content prompts to get you started, but here’s the overview:

  • If your results say ‘ideal client’, that means you’re so clear on who you want to work with, so leverage that clarity in your brand messaging.
  • If your results say ‘unique solution’, it means that the results you provide for clients is so kickass and needs to the focal point of your message.
  • If your results say ‘process’, it means you revel in the systems and processes you provide clients so showcase what it’s like to work with you.
  • And, if your results say ‘differentiation’, it means you focus on what makes you unique and this uniqueness is a great brand message.

This quiz is perfect for you if you’re struggling with where to start or what to talk about when it comes to your brand’s message.

Ready to dive in? Click here to take the quiz!

Happy branding!

All my best,


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