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Express Yourself NC Brand Reveal

Date Published:

May 16, 2019

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Janelle Fenwick is a speech language pathologist and the owner of Express Yourself NC. She is amazing at what she does and is fortunate enough to have consistent clients. She’s got a wonderful relationship with the local schools and most of her clients are referral-based. She reached out to me because she was ready to take her business and brand to the next level. As she thought about expanding her business, she realized it was important to first gain clarity around her brand.

A little bit about her company…Express Yourself NC provides social-language therapy services to preschoolers and young children, and educates others on the intersection between social language and behavior. She is is known for providing evidence-based services; for being an advocate for the client’s child(ren), always showing compassion and valuing the child’s perspective.

Learn more about her services here. 

Primary seasonal brand: Express Yourself NC most identifies with the summer personality. Think high quality, elegant and intuitive. They’re well organized, efficient and very productive. They do their best work in environments with structure and order. They’re sensitive, supportive and have a strong sense of responsibility. Colors are delicate and muted or faded. Textures are high quality papers and fabrics. 

Secondary seasonal brand: To help bring balance, Express Yourself NC’s secondary season personality is spring. Think fun, approachable, energetic and creative. Clarity, transparency and simplicity are of the utmost importance. They revel in bringing people together and bouncing ideas around, just because they love exercising their creativity. Colors are bright and bold; patterns are busy and whimsical. Textures are clean with fine lines.

The Inspiration

For the mood board, I focused on pulling a color scheme that was muted and relaxing. When we talked about the feeling of her brand, she explained that it’s important for her to remain calm and approachable – she’s working with children who have a variety of behavior problems. Not only is it important for the child to feel calm and relaxed but also the parents and/or teacher. We wanted her brand to emit that feeling.

Janelle leaned more towards the sans serif type fonts, so when putting together the logo concepts I stuck with that font style.

The visual brand

After the initial logo concept reveal, Janelle definitely liked the last option the best but wasn’t sold on the hard edges of the logo mark. After doing some research and learning the lotus flower symbolizes new life, I knew it would be the perfect mark for her brand. The work she does in helping children communicate is a mirror to providing the child and their family a new life.

Check out the full design for Express Yourself NC in the portfolio, along with a few other designs! 

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