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Creating a Brand That Feels Right

Jun 23, 2020 | Brand Strategy

Creating a brand that feels right means focusing first on strategy so that you don’t feel the need to update your logo or colors every other month.

Do you feel like you want to change your brand design every six months? Whether it’s because something doesn’t fit or you see something that inspires you to change, you find yourself wanting to update your brand visuals.

I remember when I first started our home renovation blog and would change the logo and blog design every three to six months. It was such a hassle to go back and change all the assets to the new logo… and the countless hours spent formatting the new website. It was a lot of effort that, if I’m being honest, didn’t lead to tangible results.

If you find yourself in this place of wanting to update your brand or website yet again, I’d encourage you to stop and ask yourself a very important, yet simple question: Why?

Why do you want to update your logo design? Why do you want to change out the colors? Why do you want to change the theme of your website? Why do you want to change your brand fonts?

Brand Updates as a Distraction Tool

Is it a distraction technique for avoiding the real work? And by real work, I mean the work that is going to move the needle in your business. The work of putting yourself out there, of showing up consistently, of pitching your services to those who need them.

It can be a scary step, especially if you’re just getting started. So, we tell ourselves that we’re ‘too busy’ to do any of that work because our brand design and/or website isn’t right. That we need to update it one more time and then we can start putting our stuff out there.

Here’s a crazy idea: leave your brand and website as-is and start marketing yourself. Right now. Regardless of what it all looks like – get out there and start showing up. Because tweaking your logo or adjusting the brand colors? It’s not going to cause someone to schedule a consultation call. New fonts on your website will not book a new client.

When the Brand Doesn’t Feel Right

What if you’re in the other camp – you’re showing up, putting yourself out there and still want to update your brand design? It just doesn’t feel right with you, no matter how many times you switch the fonts or colors or logo.

You have this idea in your mind and every time you try to recreate it, it falls short. So, you stick with the new brand visuals for a few months and the desire to change bubbles up again. You have a new vision, try to recreate it but yet again, what’s showing up on paper isn’t what you had in mind.

This is when it’s time to circle back to your brand strategy. More often than not, you haven’t done the work of getting clear on your brand and what it stands for. When you know how you want to communicate your brand, the decision to update your brand visuals will make more sense. You’ll have much more clarity around why something is or isn’t working.

For example, let’s say you’ve updated your brand logo three times in the past year and nothing feels right. However, you haven’t done any brand strategy work. So, you’re essentially shooting in the dark when it comes to your brand visuals.

Instead of diving right into redesigning your logo for a fourth time, you work through your brand strategy. You get clear on your ideal client, your brand values, the client transformation, how you’re positioning your brand and your brand’s personality. After going through that work, you realize your brand aligns with the Summer Brand Season. You check out the attributes of that season and realize you’ve been creating visuals that are associated with the Spring Brand Season and Winter Brand Season. No wonder nothing feels right. While you couldn’t quite put your finger on why it didn’t fit, you knew that the designs weren’t working.

My friends, this is the importance of having a strategy in place before creating the brand visuals. When you have clarity around how you want to communicate your brand, you can then design something that aligns with the communication plan.

When you haven’t done the brand strategy work and just dive into the brand design, more often than not, you end up with something that doesn’t feel right. Not because it isn’t pretty or doesn’t look professional, but because it doesn’t fit with how you want your brand to be experienced.

Happy branding!

All my best,


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