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You’re an expert in your field but when it comes to creating a rock solid brand that’s cohesive and meaningful, you feel like a fish outta water.

No problem, I got you.

Check out my favorite brand resources below that will help you
create a brand that showcases your expertise to win over new clients and customers!

Brand Strategy

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Website Design

Money and Pricing as a Service Based Business

Money and Pricing as a Service Based Business

We’re talking about money and business, and how to know what to price your services as a service based business owner. [affiliate links may be used at no additional expense to you. thank you for supporting witt and company!] Money and business is a hard, challenging...
Finding Your Brand Message Superpower

Finding Your Brand Message Superpower

Discover the brand message strategy that’ll help you showcase your brand’s superpower!   Your brand message is the overarching theme woven into the different touch points someone has with your brand. It’s the message that you want associated with your brand. As a...

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