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Brand Reveal: Wellness Within

Date Published:

Oct 24, 2019

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Jessica reached out because she was ready to start taking herself and her business seriously. She’d been dabbling in the nutrition space for quite some time but wanted to pivot her message and needed some outside feedback.

A little bit about her company… Wellness Within helps goal-getting women ditch the starvation, restriction and deprivation mindset and find what is most loving for their bodies and lifestyles. Jessica helps you separate your self-worth from your weight, choose a diet that fuels your body and mind, and take actionable steps for your health.

Learn more about her services here.

Primary brand season: Wellness Within most identifies with the fall brand. Think authenticity and integrity with a focus on friends and family. In addition, she loves to challenge established norms and has great respect for the natural world.

Kelly is a rare find. Her attention to detail, clarity, kindness, and ability to take what is in your mind and make it a tangible thing is the cream of the crop. From our initial email conversation to the offboarding process, Kelly was fully invested and devoted to making my brand become a reality. Thank you!

Jessica Janakes

Health and Wellness Coach

The Inspiration

For Jessica’s visual brand, we wanted to emit a mixture of nutrition, wellness and mindset. Colors and photos were to evoke a very natural and organic feeling, with the addition of empowerment and aspiration. 

For the logo concepts, I wanted them to feel natural, organic and approachable. 

The visual brand

Jessica fell head over heels in love with the third concept. We added in some elements from concept two, but ultimately she wanted to keep with the original, simple and clean version. 

The website

For Wellness Within’s site, we wanted something simple, organic and welcoming. Jessica had some ah-mazing brand photos taken by Yellow Eleven Photography that bring everything together so nicely. It’s a testament to how imperative photography is to a site. 

Her website was designed on WordPress with Divi – see it live here.

Want even more visual brand inspiration? Check out my portfolio!

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