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Brand Reveal: Soul to Soul Communication

Date Published:

Aug 22, 2019

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Dan reached out through a mutual friend referral and was just in the beginning stages of getting his business started. I was immediately intrigued by his story and the work that he does. It’s not every day you get the opportunity to work with someone who is so gifted! 

A little bit about his company… Soul to Soul Communication works with caregivers and their loved one(s) who cannot communicate in a traditional way to provide guidance, meaningful information and solutions through telepathic communication.

Learn more about his services here.

Primary seasonal brand: The primary season of Soul to Soul Communication is Fall. Think authenticity and integrity with a focus on friends and family. In addition, they love to challenge established norms. From a visual perspective, think warm, muted colors, rounded corners, natural and organic textures, and informal illustrations.

Secondary seasonal brand: The secondary season of Soul to Soul Communication is Summer. Think high quality, elegant and intuitive. They’re well organized, efficient and very productive. They do their best work in environments with structure and order. They’re sensitive, supportive and have a strong sense of responsibility. Colors are delicate and muted or faded. Textures are high quality papers and fabrics.

The Inspiration

Since Soul to Soul Communication has such a strong spiritual connection, we wanted the feeling to be natural and organic. 

For the logo concepts, I wanted to bring in an element of divine spirituality through the use of graphics and logo marks. 

The visual brand

Dan was a huge fan of the third option, but wasn’t feeling the mandala. After a few tweaks, we decided to scrap the mandala entirely and bring in a lotus-type flower. This really softened the entire logo set and brought in a more organic feeling. 

The website

Dan wanted his website to be the main hub for scheudling readings as well as selling his homemade candles. In addition, the site will be used to share educational videos around caregiving and non-traditional communication. 

Dan’s website was designed on WordPress with Divi and WooCommerce – see it live here. 

Want even more visual brand inspiration? Check out my portfolio!

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