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Brand Reveal: Odenwald Strategies

Date Published:

Nov 7, 2019

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Laura reached out because she was recently coming off of maternity leave and during her time off, had gained some clarity around what she wanted the future of her business to be. 

A little bit about her company… Odenwald Strategies specializes in providing strategic planning and public relations services for nonprofit organizations and small businesses to help them best communicate and promote their mission and programs. Most nonprofits and small businesses do not have the time or expertise to execute a comprehensive public relations strategy in a thoughtful and professional way, which is where Laura’s services really shine.

Learn more about her services here.

Primary seasonal brand: Odenwald Strategies most identifies with the summer personality. Think high quality, elegant and intuitive. They’re well organized, efficient and very productive. They do their best work in environments with structure and order. They’re sensitive, supportive and have a strong sense of responsibility. Colors are delicate and muted or faded. Textures are high quality papers and fabrics.

Secondary seasonal brand: To balance the elegant and organized summer personality, the secondary season is fall. Think authenticity and integrity with a focus on friends and family. In addition, they love to challenge established norms. From a visual perspective, think warm, muted colors, rounded corners, natural and organic textures, and informal illustrations.

“My experience working with you was fantastic! I am excited to have a fresh, cohesive look that is along the lines of the look and feel I wanted but isn’t exactly what I would have come up with myself – an advantage to having someone else do my rebrand. The brand questionnaire and Pinterest board process really helped me narrow down my ideas. Plus, you were professional, friendly and had quick turnaround times that stuck to a schedule!” 

Laura Odenwald

Odenwald Strategies

The Inspiration

After reading through Laura’s brand workbook answers and seeing her inspiration board on Pinterest, it was clear Odenwald Strategies most resonated with the summer brand personality. For the mood board, I pulled together a collection of colors that were muted and relaxed. She didn’t want to gravitate towards being too feminine so we balanced the pink with a few blue tints. 

For the logo concepts, we wanted something that felt a little lush and grandiose but had a balance of approachability and professionalism.

The visual brand

Laura loved the balance of the script font with a clear serif, so option three was the winner! I made a few tweaks to the submark by adding in the full name and tagline, and then interjected the color palette. 

For the brand element, Laura wanted a set of icons that she could use on her website for services provided.

When making the custom pattern, I wanted it to align with the scaled tile picture found on the mood board. 

Want even more visual brand inspiration? Check out my portfolio!

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