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Brand Reveal: Halvorsen Sewer

Date Published:

Nov 21, 2019

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A little bit about his company… Halvorsen Sewer and Drain Cleaning is a cost-effective sewer and drain cleaning solution for homeowners in the southwest Twin Cities.

Learn more about his services here.

Primary brand season: Halvorsen most identifies with the fall brand season. Think authenticity and integrity with a focus on friends and family. The feeling is warm, friendly, and approachable. He’s not concerned with staying in the status quo, but still comes across as intelligent and creative.

The Inspiration

Because the company has been in business since 1983, I wanted to bring in a vintage style. Eric prides himself on putting customer needs first and loves that he can make someone’s day better. That endearing and customer-oriented value focus aligned really well with the fall brand and naturally lent itself to the vintage feeling.

For the logo concepts, I created an option that kept the current logo graphic and then two additional choices that brought in more of the brand season I was envisioning. I wanted to strike a balance between vintage yet simple and modern.

The visual brand

Eric really gravitated towards the third option but was concerned about the pipe graphic. Since he doesn’t do any plumbing, he didn’t want that association to be made. After going back and forth a few more times with graphic variations, we decided to omit the pipe entirely. Sometimes, simple is the best option and I really love how clean the logo turned out. 

The website

The main goal of the new Halvorsen Sewer website was to simplify. Eric wanted something clean and easy-to-use. After discussing the customer journey and understanding how the site would be used, making calls-to-action and contact information clearly visible was our number one goal.

Eric also had some amazing brand photos taken by Angela Divine Photography that really brought the brand to the next level. Friends – BRAND PHOTOGRAPHY MATTERS. 🙂

His website was designed on Showit – see it live here.

Want even more visual brand inspiration? Check out my portfolio!

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