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Brand Reveal: Achim Nowak

Date Published:

Aug 8, 2019

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Achim reached out because he was looking for an entire brand overhaul and wanted to make a slight pivot in the way he presented his business.

A little bit about his company… Be Your Brilliant Best helps C-Suite executives who have hit a plateau achieve a more fulfilling life, both personally and professionally, with more ease, more joy and more flow.

Learn more about his services here.

Primary seasonal brand: Be Your Brilliant Best most identifies with the winter season and is highly driven, decisive, focused and objective. They know how to get things done quickly and efficiently. From a visual perspective, the colors are cool, strong, intense and clear. Geometric shapes, clean patterns and minimal fonts work well.

Secondary seasonal brand: To help balance the highly driven winter personality, fall is the secondary brand season. Think authenticity and integrity with a focus on friends and family. In addition, fall brands love to challenge established norms. From a visual perspective, think warm, muted colors, rounded corners, natural and organic textures, and informal illustrations.

The Inspiration

When talking about the visual direction, we wanted a classy and creative vibe – like a jazz club. 

I first created something that was clean and simple because that seemed to be the style he was leaning towards. Then, because Achim’s work is all about pushing boundaries and taking risks, I tried bringing in an unexpected logo mark in the last two.

The visual brand

It turned out that the third option was the clear winner. We made a few updates to the tagline and played around with the colors a bit before deciding on a final version. 

The website

When it came to the website, Achim new exactly what he wanted. His prior site focused more on the company and this new direction put him at the forefront. He had stunning brand photography done, along with a video that’s featured on the home page. We struck a nice balance between professional and creative – while still maintaining a clean and modern feeling. 

Achim’s website was designed on WordPress with Divi – see it live here. 

Want even more visual brand inspiration? Check out my portfolio!

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