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Stop the confusion with this list of basic website terminology you should know so that you can plan and design your website for maximum impact!

When working with clients, the biggest cause for confusion is the website terminology. You know, all the jargon and words that are thrown around like confetti and cause even more confusion? Because I was getting so many of the same questions, I decided to create a ‘Website Jargon 101’ blog post to help clear any confusion. Not only will this help you understand your website layout but, if you ever work with a web designer, you’ll be able to speak the same language – hello efficiency!

The Basic Website Terms

Supernavigation or secondary navigation menu: The (often colored) bar at the very top of the website. It can be used for a specific call to action (i.e. now booking for October!) or have additional menu items that aren’t the main focus for visitors.

Basic Website Terminology | The Supernavigation Menu | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Navigation menu: The main page(s) you want page visitors to navigate to. Generally, the main navigation menu should include no more than six items.

Basic Website Terminology | The Navigation Menu | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Submenu: The pages included as a sub menu item in your navigation menu. For example, the main navigation menu may include ‘Services’ as the submenu items are ‘design’, ‘strategy’ and ‘digital marketing’. Each submenu item is an individual web page.

Basic Website Terminology | The Submenu | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Landing page: A web page that does not have a header section and navigation menu. The idea of a landing page is that the visitor cannot navigate to another page without taking action, i.e. submitting their contact information.

Basic Website Terminology | The Landing Page | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Header: The items at the very top of each web page (with the exception of a landing page). Most often this includes the navigation menu, business logo and secondary navigation menu.

Basic Website Terminology | The Header | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Hero image: The image (most often full-width) at the top of the page, directly under the header.

Basic Website Terminology | The Hero image | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Email subscriber form: A form that collects only basic contact information from a visitor and is linked to your email service provider, i.e. Mailerlite, Mailchimp, Convertkit, Constant Contact, etc. Generally, the visitor enters their name and email address in exchange for something free like an e-book, PDF or template.

Basic Website Terminology | The Email Subscriber Form | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Contact form: A form that collects the visitors information along with space for a personal message. This form is connected to your business/personal email account, NOT an email service provider, and is most often used for client inquiries or personal messages.

Basic Website Terminology | The Contact Form | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Sidebar: A vertical section to the right or left of a blog post with additional information such as new blog posts, social media icons, an ‘about me’ picture or email subscriber form.

Basic Website Terminology | The Sidebar | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Call to action: A powerful statement that calls the visitor to take a specific action. Generally, calls to action (CTA) are followed with a colored button and a verb like ‘Subscribe’.

Basic Website Terminology | The Call to Action | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

Footer: The area at the very bottom of each web page that can include the same information as what’s in the header or something different.

Basic Website Terminology | The Footer | Witt and Company #wittandcompany #websiteterminology #websitedesign

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Basic Website Terms You Need to Know | Witt and Company

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