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6 ways to utilize your brand values in business

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Feb 3, 2022

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Creating your brand values is the first step, but now it’s time to strategically utilize your brand values in all aspects of your business. Follow these 6 simple examples of incorporating your brand values in your day-to-day and watch your business grow.

You know the importance of spending the time and energy on crafting values that truly resonate with you and your business. And after some deep thought work, visioning and planning, you’ve finally nailed down your brand’s values. You even printed them off and have them hanging on your office wall. The hard part is over and now you’re ready to…

Well, you aren’t sure exactly. 

Today we’re going to chat about that next step and share examples of putting those brand values to work. Because they’re uncompromising truths, they have the capacity to guide the direction of your business and influence how quickly your business grows. But, how do you actually utilize your brand values to their full potential? And how do you put them to work so they can support your business as you grow and evolve? 



>> What are brand values?
>> Brand values and team
>> Brand values and lead generation
>> Brand values and client experience
>> Brand values and messaging
>> Brand values and business decisions
>> Brand values and community
>> Rather watch than read?
>> Additional brand resources


What are brand values?

Your brand values are the north star of your company; your guiding principles; the heart and soul behind your why. They have a big impact on how you connect with your audience and build trust.

Defining the values your brand stands for is similar to defining your target market. And, that line you drew in the sand when claiming who you want to work with will become even more pronounced when you start communicating what you value as a brand.


Brand values and team

As your business grows, there’s a high likelihood that you’ll also start growing your team. Brand values are a great litmus test for whether or not someone may be a good fit for you and your business.

By understanding and clearly communicating what you value as a brand, you’re letting potential and current team members know what is acceptable, what is important and what their focus should be.

This doesn’t have to be a negative-focused process but rather, a way for you to give permission to others to decide what’s most important to them based on your stake in the ground. And, whether or not someone can meet your expectations based on what you value.

Use it: During the application/interview process, clearly explain what you value as a brand and ensure that those values align with the candidate. During your evaluation process, gauge the performance based on your brand’s values and whether or not they are still a good fit for that specific position or your business as a whole.


Brand values and lead generation

Just as brand values help attract that right-for-you team member, they can also do the same for attracting that right-for-you client.

Because brand values guide the direction of your business and have a hand in everything from communication frequency to availability to deliverables, when effectively communicated, they will naturally ‘weed out’ those who align and those who don’t. 

If a client isn’t aligned with your brand values, there’s a high likelihood that they won’t be a great fit for your offerings. I say this because brand values are ingrained into everything that you do – they’re the North Star that guide decisions. And, if a client isn’t aligned with what you hold sacred, it may lead to miscommunication or frustration – and not great results.

On the flip side, when values are aligned, it creates a wonderful synergy between you and the client. You’ve set the expectations of what is and is not acceptable and created a clear container for what their experience will be like when working with you. 

Use it: During the discovery call, talk about what it’s like working with your business and the values that guide your decisions, process and flow. Share your values outright on your website, on social media and within your emails. The more upfront you can be about those uncompromising truths, the better.


Brand values and client experience

Integrating your brand values into the customer experience is a great way to go above and beyond for the client, and set yourself apart from others in your space. Because values are personal to your brand, they offer a great opportunity to differentiate your process. 

For example, here at Witt and Company, communication is a value and one of the most common pieces of feedback that we get from clients is how organized and communicative the entire process was. We’re leaning into the brand value to help shape the overall client experience. 

Use it: Go through your client-facing systems, procedures and workflows, and audit whether or not it is clear what you value as a brand. Are there any opportunities for improvement? How can you integrate your values even more into the client process? 


Brand values and messaging

Your brand’s message is the common thread that’s woven into every communication touch point. Your values are able to guide the communication by acting as a reference point for what’s being shared. 

In addition to being the gatekeeper for already-created content, your brand values can act as a starting point when you’re struggling with what to create. For instance, if the brand that values supporting local small businesses is struggling with content ideas, they can start by asking themselves the question, “What can I create that supports the local business owner?” That way, they’re not only crafting content that aligns with their values but they’re also positioning themselves as a valuable resource for their audience.

Use it: Prior sharing something, ask yourself, “Does this message align with my brand values?” It’s a simple exercise and one that will become automatic as you start embodying your brand values in everything you do.


Brand values and business decisions

By clearly identifying what your brand stands for, you’re better able to make decisions based on what’s best for the brand, and not necessarily what’s best right now.

We’re instant-gratification seekers and sometimes a business decision that seems great in the moment might not align with your brand values, which makes the decision to take it or leave it a little easier.

For example, let’s say you’re a subscription box service and a core brand value is supporting local businesses by offering their products in your delivery box. A big-box national chain approaches you and wants you to include their soaps. However, because your brand value is local community support, you can lean on that guiding principle as you make a decision.

Use it: When a big (or small) decision needs to be made, ask yourself which path aligns closer with your brand values. It’s not always the easiest decision but sticking to your uncompromising truths will help you build a business that stays in alignment with the big picture. 


Brand values and community

As humans, we naturally connect with others who share the same beliefs and values that we hold sacred. Whether it’s a brand to consumer connection or a consumer to consumer, we look for common ground. 

Back in July 2020, I co-founded a local networking group, Twin Cities Boss Squad, for the sole purpose of sharing information and supporting women businesses. I wished that I would have had more community when I first started my business and wanted a place to share resources and facilitate genuine connection. 

Since then, we’ve attracted more than 150 members who value community, connection and open and honest conversation. Yes, some may value one trait more than the other but the idea is, by being open about what you value (and perhaps don’t), you create a safe container for others who share those beliefs to join in. 

Use it: Search for communities that align with one or more of your brand values. And, if you can’t find one, this may be your sign to get out there and create it.

Happy branding!

All my best,


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