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25 Brand Season Color Scheme Ideas for Inspiration

Feb 4, 2021 | Visual Brand

We’re walking through the four Brand Seasons of Seasonal Brand Theory and sharing 25 color scheme ideas for inspiration.

What is Seasonal Brand Theory?

Seasonal Brand Theory is a blend of color psychology and seasonal color theory. I first heard about it from Fiona Humberstone and after taking her course and reading all the books, started applying it to my design process with clients.

Think about it like this: Every brand identifies with a particular season and each season has unique characteristics and guidelines – from the words used to the photography styling to the color palette. And when a brand aligns their experience with a specific season, they are able to build a stronger connection with their ideal audience.


How you can use Seasonal Brand Theory to guide your brand’s color palette

Let’s start with an example. If you want your brand experience to feel energized, creative, fun and friendly, your brand most likely aligns with the Spring Brand Season. Based on the Spring Brand guidelines, you can then narrow down the types of colors to choose from – you’ll stick with colors that have a high saturation and high tint.

Now here’s the disclaimer: Seasonal Brand Theory is by no means the be-all-end-all when it comes to creating a color scheme for your brand. You may fall absolutely in love with a color that falls outside of your selected brand season. That’s okay. The goal here is to use the ideas to help guide you in the right direction. They’re based on the tried-and-true practices of color psychology and seasonal color theory, so it’s definitely worth consulting and sticking to as much as possible.

Okay, enough chit-chat. I’ve pulled together 25 color palettes that are aligned with a brand season to get the inspiration flowin’.


Spring Brand Season color palette examples

Spring color palettes are generally warmer in tone, lighter tint and higher in saturation. They’re bright, \ fun and friendly. They evoke welcoming, creative and inspiring feelings.


Summer Brand Season color palette examples

Summer color palettes are cooler in tone, lighter tint and more muted in saturation. They’re delicate and sophisticated. They evoke calming, romantic and elegant feelings.


Fall Brand Season color palette examples

Fall color palettes are warmer in tone with a medium level of saturation and darker shade. They’re moody and emotional. They evoke natural, organic and grounding feelings.


Winter Brand Season color palette examples

Winter color palettes are cooler in tone with a medium to high level of saturation and darker shade. They’re ambitious and striking. They evoke empowering, bold and driven feelings.

Hopefully these color palettes spark some inspiration and make Seasonal Brand Theory more approachable for your own business’s brand. Remember, it’s okay to be a work in progress – the goal is to take action!

Happy branding!

All my best,


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