Why Your Brand is More Than Just a Logo

Today we're covering the basics of why your brand is not just a logo and is actually a mixture of visual and written elements that make you think, feel and act. A few weeks ago, while on the phone with a potential web design client, I asked about their branding......

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How to Conduct a Five Minute Brand Assessment

All you need is five minutes to conduct a brand assessment that will give you a clear understanding of how cohesive you're branding is and where you can make some quick and easy updates.  When a potential client visits your website or social media, you’re providing...

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My Phrase for 2019: Show Up

As I reflect back on my business in 2018, the areas that created the biggest challenges for me all involve one thing: not showing up. I now realize that I have a nasty habit of starting something during the peak of excitement, only to let that motivation fizzle out...

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