Six Ways to Create Your Ideal Client Profile

Check out these six ways to create your ideal client profile that'll help you resonate with your brand's target audience. In a perfect world, your ideal client is the person who will be making a purchase from you. They value you, your brand and your offerings. They...

Saving Time Scheduling Group Board Pins with Tailwind

Save TONS of time pinning from group boards with Tailwind! This browser extension is an awesome hack that easily allows you to schedule multiple pins with the click of a button! [affiliate links are used for your convenience, at no additional cost to you. thank you...

How to A/B Test Pinterest Images For Maximum Results

Pinterest is all about the visuals. When I first started blogging, I thought I knew what my pins should look like. I used cutesy-font, a different color font and/or background, depending on what mood I was in and sizes that were all over the place. While I don't...

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