blog design

Simple blog design created to showcase your content and isn’t overpowering.

All designs created on Divi platform.


Blog design Package

Starting at $650
Branding workbook

Custom blog homepage design

Blog style guide

Up to six custom internal page designs

Mobile responsive design

Custom favicon

Logo in full color, black & white format

Logo submark

Up to three logo revisions

Created on Divi platform 

One-hour post-design tutorial

30-day post-launch support


Overall, I think you did a great job and put everything I had asked for and wanted. You were always willing to make a change, listen to my feedback and also throw in your own ideas and thoughts. What surprised me the most was how much the branding workbook helped. It made me really think in-depth about my blog and what I wanted it to portray – who I wanted my audience to be, what I wanted it to look like, what I want other people’s experiences to be when visiting. I liked the experience from start to finish; you were helpful, always there to listen and critique any feedback I had. Carly Holthaus

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