i’m so happy you’re here!

I’m Kelly, an experienced brand strategist and brand designer, sippin’ coffee and getting creative in my home studio just north of Minneapolis, Minnesota.

My happy place is helping small business owners like you showcase their expertise and tell their unique brand story through clean, simple and cohesive design.

It wasn’t always like this, of course.

My entrepreneur journey began in an unconventional way: while I was outside with our two black labs, they started getting a little too rambunctious and ran full-force into me, completely shattering my knee. At the time, I was working as a Marketing Manager for a local nonprofit and spent my free time running. I had plans to tackle the Twin Cities Marathon and beat my time from the previous year.

Well, everything changed when the doctors told me running, along with any other high-impact sport, was off the table (my past side-gig was personal training, which also meant that was gone). While recovering from surgery, I discovered a home decor blog and quickly immersed myself in the world of blogging and entrepreneurship.

My now-husband and I bought our first home a few months later and our own home renovation blog, North Country Nest, was born.

It wasn’t long after, that I started helping other bloggers with their digital marketing. My eight years of nonprofit marketing experience came in handy – I loved being able to use my skills in the digital space.

About a year in, my side hustle of offering digital marketing services really took off and I decided to take the leap and pursue this entrepreneur thing.

Shortly after going out on my own, I was approached by a friend to help build a brand – her husband was starting a salsa company and they wanted to collaborate together on the visuals and marketing collateral. I jumped at the chance and within 0.2 seconds of starting the project, completely fell in love with brand buildling.

There is absolutely no greater joy than to create something from nothing. Collaborating with clients who love what they do and helping them showcase all of their amazing work through a cohesive brand is my epitome of happiness.

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Let’s build a brand
that tells your
story and showcases
your expertise.

I believe that understated design produces great results.

That simple is better than complex.

That eye-catching websites should be clean and concise.

That design doesn’t have to be complicated and every business owner should be proud and excited to share their brand.

the values that guide the work


Family comes first, always.


Communicate in a clear, consistent and timely manner.


Work together to tell a cohesive and unique brand story.


Create a community centered around education and value.

Personal Development.

Never stop learning and trying new strategies.

“Kelly is a rare find. Her attention to detail, clarity, kindness, and ability to take what is in your mind and make it a tangible thing is the cream of the crop. From our initial email conversation to the offboarding process, Kelly was fully invested and devoted to making my brand become a reality. Thank you!”
Jessica Janakes

Wellness Within

On a more personal note

I’m a Minnesota-native and when I’m not collaborating with clients, you can find me working on a home renovation project alongside my hubby and documenting the progress on our blog, North Country Nest. I am also a dog momma to two trouble-seeking black labs and my go-to Friday night plans include getting lost in a good book with a tall glass of wine.


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